WHS file copy failing problem – Fixed. HDD Issues – Not


I mentioned in a previous post that I was having issues copying files to my windows home server and that the drive’s SMART data had errors.  This is definitely a problem which I need to fix, but it was not that cause of my file moves and copies failing from Vista and Server 2008 to Windows Home Server.

When rebooting Windows Home Server over lunch I noticed the Virtual Server 2005 Master Console had a message that my virtual machine additions were not up to date.  Seeing this, I went in and updated the virtuam machine additions and blamo everything is working perfectly now.

So if you’ve put your Windows Home Server on Virtual Server 2005 and you’re having file move or file copy operations failing for reasons which do not make sense, update your freakin Virtual Machine Additions.

Never Buy Sonicwall


I’ve spent the better part of 2 weeks dealing with what I can only describe as the worst support in existance.  Its more annoying than when Juniper sends the wrong power supplies and refuses to replace them with the right ones.

If you invest your money in sonicwall prepare for support that refuses to work with you by having things ready in an easy prepared fashion.  They’ll want you to conference two other people onto the phone wasting your resources while they blindly guess at what is wrong with their appliances and software.



I’m going to start out pretty basic and probably stay that way. The goal isn’t to be able to do super complicated things, its to be able to make a lab environment for CCNA study. I won’t be getting around to using anything PIX for at least a few weeks so if that is your interest I suggest going to the article I mention at topdog. Most of the people I know use windows, I chose to run dynamips/dynagen from my linux machine simply because its easier for me to remote into that, or was at first anyway. To start off, get dynamips/dynagen installed and the dynamips service running. The best Centos guide I’ve ran across is the following so most of this will be cut from Andrew Colin Kissa ‘s howto at http://www.topdog.za.net/centos_5_cisco_lab Initial Setup Linux(Centos 5): Since I used the pre-compiled RPM’s from topdog and it worked perfectly I’d stick with what works.

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