Sioux Falls .Net User Group – Things Every ASP.Net Developer Should Know


In follow up to the first SFDNUG Meeting, last night there was a Sioux Falls .Net User Group meeting. (We’ll get a website up for that sometime in the next month)

Robert Boedigheimer presented “Things Every ASP.Net Developer Should Know”.  Robert did a great job in the talk and is a good speaker in general, I highly recommend catching his talks at any event you have the opportunity.

The talk he gave covered a lot of basic troubleshooting and best practices ideas.  If you want to see it in person I suggest checking out Twin Cities Code Camp

There are a LOT of other great talks going on that weekend, and its a free event. 

Making a Windows 7 Backup


So…. I’ve been using Windows 7 for awhile now and had been using the backup feature for my C:\ drive in case Windows decided to poop itself.  This was worked fine and well until I had a second disk drive that I wanted to make sure I had backed up.  Something in adding that second disk made the entire thing take 5x the amount of time when barely 2x more space was being backed up.

The solution I found was using the command line to do the backup(which you can also set to do on a schedule if you’d like).

To do a single backup the command (from a command prompt ran as Administrator):

wbadmin START Backup -backuptTarget:<destination> -include:<source>

In my specific case this results in:

wbadmin START Backup -backupTarget:i: -include:C:,F:

If you wanted to do this as a scheduled task the command (again as Administrator) would be:

SCHTASKS /Create WEEKLY /D FRI /TN WeeklyBackupTask /RL HIGHEST /ST 19:00 /TR "WBADMIN START Backup -backupTarget:I: -include:C:,F: -quiet"

A scheduled task that runs at 7 on a Friday.  Odds are by 7 I’m home and hopefully on a Friday I’m doing something on not my computer.  If you’re doing this for a work only PC I’d set it up for 5:00 on Friday or your home pc I’d just be using windows home server(if you don’t have one of those talk to your most liked nerd friend.  If that friend is me please choose to bother Mike instead though)

Current Newegg Parts List


Mike had pestered me a few times about what I’d pick up if I were going to be building an all inclusive desktop for work.  I’d probably be salvage some current parts, but I definitely am 5′ish years old on some others.

Some of this would be salvaged, some new.  Mostly encouragement for mike to get something more current.

Lightroom > My Computer


So in the last post I mentioned that I just had done a quick export from Picasa.  I feel I should explain that I did actually intend to use Adobe’s Lightroom software for photo touchups and such, but I soon discovered that my laptop is far from capable of running the software.  This puts me in a predicament as I did not really plan on upgrading this year.  The only upgradable part of the laptop would be RAM for $50.

If not upgrading RAM the options are:
A) Buy Motherboard/RAM for PC-A.  Build/Buy Desk
B) Buy Motherboard/Processor/RAM/VideoCard to create PC-B.  Build/Buy Desk

PC-A used to be a media pc in our living room but when my old desktop decided it no longer felt like working, it became my desktop.  Then when I no longer had a home office, it became a file/music/video server in ze basement.

Changing domain in wordpress


So to at least make an effort at testing the wordpress upgrade to make sure no one’s blog theme/widgets ended up completely broken I made a beta site. Since wordpress stores the URL of its blogs in the database this was initially problematic. sed and mysqldump made it a quite easy transition though.

Dump your database:
mysqldump wordpress -p | mydatabase
sed ‘s/blogs\.dootdoot\.com/new\.domain\.here/g’ mydatabase > mynewdatabase

Then import back into mysql, change your wp-config.php domain and things should be cricket. This probably could be filed under “stupid simple” as far as location changing goes.  Although I should add that if you were trying to move to a type domain, wordpress ignores the www

Viewing Canon .CR2 RAW thumbnails


Just saving a link for myself and putting another way to find it via google for something I found useful this weekend.  Canon makes a driver so that you can easily add thumbnail support for their file format in windows xp and windows vista.

WHS file copy failing problem – Fixed. HDD Issues – Not


I mentioned in a previous post that I was having issues copying files to my windows home server and that the drive’s SMART data had errors.  This is definitely a problem which I need to fix, but it was not that cause of my file moves and copies failing from Vista and Server 2008 to Windows Home Server.

When rebooting Windows Home Server over lunch I noticed the Virtual Server 2005 Master Console had a message that my virtual machine additions were not up to date.  Seeing this, I went in and updated the virtuam machine additions and blamo everything is working perfectly now.

So if you’ve put your Windows Home Server on Virtual Server 2005 and you’re having file move or file copy operations failing for reasons which do not make sense, update your freakin Virtual Machine Additions.

Poor Hard Drive


After talking to Mr. Dan about random issues I’ve ran into with Windows Home Server and failed file copies he mentioned that I should check the SMART data on the hard drives I have. He apparently had experience with a bad hard drive taking the performance of WHS to its knees.

After checking I found a result I did not hope to see:

The 49% is the overall health as well as the disk read error rate. So lets hope that guy hangs in awhile longer.

Huzzah!!! VS 2k5 now supported on 2k8


I’ve been gradually beating Virtual Server 2005 R2 into submission so that it works on my Windows Server 2008 machine. This involved adding application maps and all sorts of other things and still 3 times out of 4 it would probably act a little whacky on machine reboot after it was working. Until I found this tonight:

Virtual Server 2005 R2 update to add support for Server 2008 as a host.

However, the real lesson from this story is this: If you’re running server 2008 and your motherboard doesn’t support Hyper-V. Replace your motherboard, even if it does cost you 100 bucks and you do have to explain to the significant other that it was money well spent, its still worth it.

P.S. Why the hell didn’t that page show up on google searches for virtual server 2005 on windows server 2008. It was published 5/15/2008, and I hadn’t ran across it until tonight.

Random bug is random


Ran into the following bug today:

Warning:  popen(/usr/bin/rrdtool info
[function.popen]: Cannot allocate memory in
/www/cacti/htdocs/lib/rrd.php on line 97

Too much googling lead to :

So the bottom line is that even in the open source world odds are you’ll be hearing “Fixed in the next version”