Repairing Mysql Tables


Just going about day by day tasks, out network monitoring solution is acting very funky.

Sure enough, some of the .MYI files are missing.  This is a really simple fix that for some reason other people I know couldn’t find a way to fix.  To fix these issues, there is a simple command but first you might as well check to see if there are other errors.  So start by using the mysqlcheck utility.

mysqlcheck -A –auto-repair

This will tell you what tables are fubar’d

To repair them log into mysql and run the following command.

repair table <tablename> use_frm;

I’ve read the use_frm is often unnecessary, but to my experience its always required when mysqlcheck can’t fix them automagically.

Time for an upgrade?


So I and a few others I know are a bit behind on computer upgrades for playing games.  Just don’t spend as much time keeping up with what the latest hardware options even are let alone buying them.  This is an option to speed up your PC a little bit while still postponing the hardware refresh.

Repetitive task is repetitive


We have a database that stores all the little details about how utilized our network is.  It has information at 5 minute averages, 1 hour averages, and 1 day averages.  The software that does this is supposed to keep only 3 months worth of 5 minute data, 6 months worth of hourly, and a year worth of daily.  You’d think that since the feature shipped with the initial product that by version 5 it would work.  


It doesn’t.

So here I sit going through table by table looking at the definition of the table, finding what the timestamp column is named and telling the table to delete everything more recent than a certain second.  This task is not hard, this task is boring though.  Someone email me some sudoku’s.



I’ve had an iPod nano nearly since they came out.  Its been quite the reliable little device over the years.  Unfortunately it is becoming less so :(

When listening to music or podcasts my ipod has develop a bit of a sniffle I guess, it randomly after an hour or so of playing will start to skip.  This is annoying but I’ll live with it for awhile.  Maybe thismeans an iPod touch or some such in the future :)