Need a hard drive?


Check out this site that tracks the prices on newegg so that you can see the best $/Gigabyte deal.

My Awesome Weekend v. Non-legendary blog post


Yeah, its late and I’m going to sleep so instead of typing out a story I put a few pictures up on picasa and you can guess the story.  My ambition is to edit this into something all linky and picture-y, but my ambition was also to become an astronaut.


Wait, what did they say?


30% of spies speak a second language apparently.  So either 70% of our spies are in england and australia, or 30% of them are somewhat conspicuous.

Hot & Cold


Another song stuck in my head, this time with an awesome accent.

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Poor Hard Drive


After talking to Mr. Dan about random issues I’ve ran into with Windows Home Server and failed file copies he mentioned that I should check the SMART data on the hard drives I have. He apparently had experience with a bad hard drive taking the performance of WHS to its knees.

After checking I found a result I did not hope to see:

The 49% is the overall health as well as the disk read error rate. So lets hope that guy hangs in awhile longer.

Great Justice Defined


Madoff’s prison number is a winning lottery combo for 501 people.

Sausage Dogs


After reading a short news article today I believe sausage dog is officially my new preferred nomenclature to wiener dog.  And for all parents that were considering getting their little girl a pony but your only hiccup was that horses are often trained to jump fences FEAR NOT!!!!!  For I have your solution here.

After all, the fence was definitely the show stopper on purchasing a horse for your darling daughter.  It had nothing to do with the feeding, grooming, or massive poops you’d have to deal with.

Good uses of bored time.


This guy could give most of the people I know (myself included) lessons.

Are YOU a prostitute?


Link says japanese, text on link says chinese, the real question is what do the security guards do to check?

Random Update


So I’ve been meaning to post 1-3 things, I really have.  But I haven’t posted anything so here is one of the best twitters there is as far as funny goes.