Making a Windows 7 Backup


So…. I’ve been using Windows 7 for awhile now and had been using the backup feature for my C:\ drive in case Windows decided to poop itself.  This was worked fine and well until I had a second disk drive that I wanted to make sure I had backed up.  Something in adding that second disk made the entire thing take 5x the amount of time when barely 2x more space was being backed up.

The solution I found was using the command line to do the backup(which you can also set to do on a schedule if you’d like).

To do a single backup the command (from a command prompt ran as Administrator):

wbadmin START Backup -backuptTarget:<destination> -include:<source>

In my specific case this results in:

wbadmin START Backup -backupTarget:i: -include:C:,F:

If you wanted to do this as a scheduled task the command (again as Administrator) would be:

SCHTASKS /Create WEEKLY /D FRI /TN WeeklyBackupTask /RL HIGHEST /ST 19:00 /TR "WBADMIN START Backup -backupTarget:I: -include:C:,F: -quiet"

A scheduled task that runs at 7 on a Friday.  Odds are by 7 I’m home and hopefully on a Friday I’m doing something on not my computer.  If you’re doing this for a work only PC I’d set it up for 5:00 on Friday or your home pc I’d just be using windows home server(if you don’t have one of those talk to your most liked nerd friend.  If that friend is me please choose to bother Mike instead though)

Lightroom > My Computer


So in the last post I mentioned that I just had done a quick export from Picasa.  I feel I should explain that I did actually intend to use Adobe’s Lightroom software for photo touchups and such, but I soon discovered that my laptop is far from capable of running the software.  This puts me in a predicament as I did not really plan on upgrading this year.  The only upgradable part of the laptop would be RAM for $50.

If not upgrading RAM the options are:
A) Buy Motherboard/RAM for PC-A.  Build/Buy Desk
B) Buy Motherboard/Processor/RAM/VideoCard to create PC-B.  Build/Buy Desk

PC-A used to be a media pc in our living room but when my old desktop decided it no longer felt like working, it became my desktop.  Then when I no longer had a home office, it became a file/music/video server in ze basement.

Viewing Canon .CR2 RAW thumbnails


Just saving a link for myself and putting another way to find it via google for something I found useful this weekend.  Canon makes a driver so that you can easily add thumbnail support for their file format in windows xp and windows vista.

WHS file copy failing problem – Fixed. HDD Issues – Not


I mentioned in a previous post that I was having issues copying files to my windows home server and that the drive’s SMART data had errors.  This is definitely a problem which I need to fix, but it was not that cause of my file moves and copies failing from Vista and Server 2008 to Windows Home Server.

When rebooting Windows Home Server over lunch I noticed the Virtual Server 2005 Master Console had a message that my virtual machine additions were not up to date.  Seeing this, I went in and updated the virtuam machine additions and blamo everything is working perfectly now.

So if you’ve put your Windows Home Server on Virtual Server 2005 and you’re having file move or file copy operations failing for reasons which do not make sense, update your freakin Virtual Machine Additions.

Huzzah!!! VS 2k5 now supported on 2k8


I’ve been gradually beating Virtual Server 2005 R2 into submission so that it works on my Windows Server 2008 machine. This involved adding application maps and all sorts of other things and still 3 times out of 4 it would probably act a little whacky on machine reboot after it was working. Until I found this tonight:

Virtual Server 2005 R2 update to add support for Server 2008 as a host.

However, the real lesson from this story is this: If you’re running server 2008 and your motherboard doesn’t support Hyper-V. Replace your motherboard, even if it does cost you 100 bucks and you do have to explain to the significant other that it was money well spent, its still worth it.

P.S. Why the hell didn’t that page show up on google searches for virtual server 2005 on windows server 2008. It was published 5/15/2008, and I hadn’t ran across it until tonight.

Time for an upgrade?


So I and a few others I know are a bit behind on computer upgrades for playing games.  Just don’t spend as much time keeping up with what the latest hardware options even are let alone buying them.  This is an option to speed up your PC a little bit while still postponing the hardware refresh.

Opening office 2007 documents in 2003


This is just a link for the others I know still using office 2003 that have to deal with people assuming absolutely everyone has already upgraded to office 2007.  I have to deal with crap like that fairly frequently and where its an easy fix I don’t think its smart to send things out to a group of 10+ people and assume they all have already upgraded.

Office Compatibility Pack

Potential Desktop Parts v Seth


With Mike making his post on potential mATX parts I thought I’d reopen my parts wish list that I made back around christmas.  It has a slightly different goal at this point but same components.

The purpose is would be to get rid of my old(semi-broken) dell optiplex linux desktop, and windows home server(amd 3400+ from around 2005) and consolidate them on a machine nice enough that I could make these VMs,  do work’ish stuff, and play some non cutting edge games.

Now that I’m looking more into server 2008 I will have to confirm what hardware works best with hyper-v though.

One PC to Replace them All:

The Sys-admin alphabet


I was skimming through evilrouters today and ran across this. Some of you will find it humorous, if your major didn’t include the word computer you may as well stop reading now though.

"A" is for Arrogance, properly done.
"B" is for Bastard, the New Zealand one.
"C" is for Cynic, jaded and tired;
    it's also for Caffeine, which keeps us all wired.
"D" for Delete, we'll do it to you;
"E" for 31337, the skr1pt-k1ddie's due.
"F" is for Format(1M), we use it on disks,
"G" is the middle name of the guy who does RISKS.
"H" for the Hubris that makes lusers luse;
"I"'m the Important one, the person who su(8)'s.
"J" is for Jaded, see "C" above;
"K" is for Kill(1), a command we all love.
"L" is for Luser, the sysadmin's bane,
"M" with a "4" keeps the mail gurus sane.
"N" is for No, whatever the question,
"O" is for Octal, the way of permissions.
"P" is for Password, have you changed yours lately?
"Q" is for Quotas, which simplify greatly.
"R" is for Random, a most useful quality,
"S" I can't tell you, it's against policy.
"T" is for TECO, a very old editor,
"U" is for Unix, which has no competitor.
"V" is the System whose Release 4 we wrestle with,
"W" is for W(1), to see who(1) we nestle with.
"X" is the windowing system from Hell,
"Y" do we use it?  The rest suck as well!
"Z" is for Zero, indicating success
    It terminates programs -- and alphabets, yes.