Evil faxer of summer’s past


“Hey I’ll get it” Mike said as he answered the phone at our new CRESH office in sioux falls back in the summer of 2005. And as he answered the phone his face contorted into the shape one might form upon receiving a wet willy.

The cause of this facial contortion was some idiot constantly sending faxes to our main office line.  I’m not saying someone who accidentally sends a fax to the wrong number is an idiot.  I am however going to say that if you send faxes at random times of the day, to the same number, and never realize that whoever you are faxing is not getting your faxes, you probably should look at the importance of your faxing.
This became irritating over time.  In our excitement to see Batman Begins, we’d begun watching lots of old Christian Bale movies.  This lead to watching American Psycho a few times.  Which lead to an obsession of business card quality, and feeding cats to machines.  Naturally the following image is what we decided to reply with every time someone attempted to fax our voice line.

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Top Gear Series 13


It has begun.  I haven’t watched it yet, and BBC America probably won’t be playing them until at least september[citation needed], but here is the advert for the series.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Top Gear Top Picks


Last week Andrea, Traci, and Barb came to drop off Sharla’s new car and hang around for a bit. I lent Andrea some how I met your mother dvds to give her and traci something to watch when bored, and during our bored time Andrea and I watched the Top Gear Vietnam, Botswana and Lorry challenges. This lead to me thinking, what would the best “must see” top gear episodes be to recommend newcomers watch.

First and most obvious are the Vietnam, and Botswana challenges.

After that what comes to mind are the “Best Road in the World” vacation, and the second “Turn cars into boats” challenge.

Which other memorable episodes am I missing?

(I am by no means saying that what I’ve listed are the only good top gear episodes).

For those who have no idea what Top Gear is:

Watch Out for Bears


Now they may not have pictures to confirm a bear exists, but they do have cardboard cutouts that look AMAZINGLY like bears. Please make sure you don’t shoot a human carrying one of these cutouts for fox news. The cutout may look like a bear but it is in fact a person like you and me behind it.

Also, if the squirrel head has a human body, that isn’t a squirrel and should not be hunted/fired upon.


Lightroom > My Computer


So in the last post I mentioned that I just had done a quick export from Picasa.  I feel I should explain that I did actually intend to use Adobe’s Lightroom software for photo touchups and such, but I soon discovered that my laptop is far from capable of running the software.  This puts me in a predicament as I did not really plan on upgrading this year.  The only upgradable part of the laptop would be RAM for $50.

If not upgrading RAM the options are:
A) Buy Motherboard/RAM for PC-A.  Build/Buy Desk
B) Buy Motherboard/Processor/RAM/VideoCard to create PC-B.  Build/Buy Desk

PC-A used to be a media pc in our living room but when my old desktop decided it no longer felt like working, it became my desktop.  Then when I no longer had a home office, it became a file/music/video server in ze basement.

Wedding v. Initial Pictures


I’m actually pretty impressed at how streamlined you can go from RAW to online album of jpegs with picasa. This is just a chunk of the pictures from the wedding/honeymoon. We haven’t even met with the photographer again since we’ve gotten back, everything pre-honeymoon in the album was taken by Jay.


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A quick message (from captivity)


Day 1 in captivity.

I’m alive and well. Trying to get out a quick message to those who may be worried while I have the opportunity.

It is different in captivity, in contrast to what one may expect, it is much more calm and friendly compared to the few days prior to capture. Things are oddly cordial and affectionate, this may be a clever ruse…

Changing domain in wordpress


So to at least make an effort at testing the wordpress upgrade to make sure no one’s blog theme/widgets ended up completely broken I made a beta site. Since wordpress stores the URL of its blogs in the database this was initially problematic. sed and mysqldump made it a quite easy transition though.

Dump your database:
mysqldump wordpress -p | mydatabase
sed ‘s/blogs\.dootdoot\.com/new\.domain\.here/g’ mydatabase > mynewdatabase

Then import back into mysql, change your wp-config.php domain and things should be cricket. This probably could be filed under “stupid simple” as far as location changing goes.  Although I should add that if you were trying to move to a www.blog.com type domain, wordpress ignores the www

My Awesome Weekend v. Non-legendary blog post


Yeah, its late and I’m going to sleep so instead of typing out a story I put a few pictures up on picasa and you can guess the story.  My ambition is to edit this into something all linky and picture-y, but my ambition was also to become an astronaut.



Viewing Canon .CR2 RAW thumbnails


Just saving a link for myself and putting another way to find it via google for something I found useful this weekend.  Canon makes a driver so that you can easily add thumbnail support for their file format in windows xp and windows vista.