Our future worries me.


I understand the occasional lawsuit.  A long time ago I thought the dumbest thing I’d ever hear about was someone spilling hot coffee on themselves and seeking money from the coffee maker.

The gauntlet has been thrown down by a teenage girl and her parents.  The girl was dumb enough to walk into a manhole because she was txt’ing and not watching where she was going.  Now the parents are filing suit against the city because their daughter is literally to dumb to walk down the sidewalk.

Many people reading about this blame the city, or the road crew for there not being ample barriers up preventing this.  I disagree, when you’re walking down the street; it is your job not to step in front of the bus, trip on uneven sidewalk, step on the small child playing with chalk, or fall into a freakin manhole.

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Decent Article: Why Circuit City Failed


Here is a fairly good read on something that most business executives and especially consultants seem to have forgotten about.  Actually providing a good service.  So much money is wasted on meaningless trips for executives and executive bonuses and so little on making sure the people talking to the customer know whats up.

I’ve ordered from bhphotovideo.com in the past, now I definitely want to check out their NYC store next time I go anywhere near that far east.


Sidenote: thats the only place I’ve found online that consistently beats Amazon and Adorama.