Moving, WHS, and Mexican Food


So… I’m a putz and still haven’t gotten pictures from my fiance of the house.  I swear it exists and that I reside in it though.  Today our moving company arrived with all of my Sioux Falls belongings and having it delivered is seriously the best way imaginable to move.  Having that moving company do the heavy lifting was about on par with carrot cake soup.

Anyway that was at lunch and now this afternoon I’m sitting at work and reading the hanselblog for the first time in awhile.  Its a good use of my time at work(probably unlike making this post) because I found out how Windows Home Server is even more awesome than I thought it was already.

Windows Home Server has just gone from a “well I’ll get around to it” to a “must play with”.  It also leads me pondering if Brendan has come up with any more crazy shenanigans to addon to it.

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