Top Gear Series 13


It has begun.  I haven’t watched it yet, and BBC America probably won’t be playing them until at least september[citation needed], but here is the advert for the series.

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Top Gear Top Picks


Last week Andrea, Traci, and Barb came to drop off Sharla’s new car and hang around for a bit. I lent Andrea some how I met your mother dvds to give her and traci something to watch when bored, and during our bored time Andrea and I watched the Top Gear Vietnam, Botswana and Lorry challenges. This lead to me thinking, what would the best “must see” top gear episodes be to recommend newcomers watch.

First and most obvious are the Vietnam, and Botswana challenges.

After that what comes to mind are the “Best Road in the World” vacation, and the second “Turn cars into boats” challenge.

Which other memorable episodes am I missing?

(I am by no means saying that what I’ve listed are the only good top gear episodes).

For those who have no idea what Top Gear is: