29 Days left!

So last weekend was my first shower/bachelorette party and it was a blast!  Traci, Renee, Sonja, Jayme, Sara, and Erica all took me out to a fabulous dinner at Ichibans (a Hibachi grill) and then to various ‘clubs’ in downtown Minneapolis.  The girls did create list of things for me to do and I got everything done!  I think the hardest ones to complete were the ones that included me having to ask men to buy me drinks!  I don’t like asking for that and most single men out there seemed to be cheap and only wanted to spend money on something that ensured them a good time.  Well obviously since I had my whole bachelorette ‘garb’ on and a ring on my finger, the men weren’t super excited to buy drinks for me!   Heh, oh well, I got it done anyway!  :)

Then I had another work shower on Monday and that was very nice!  Two of the ladies went together and bought me plants for my front yard and then one of the ladie’s sons came and planted them for me!  So now the front of my house is beautiful!  We won’t get into the inside of it as I’ve been so busy that my house seems to be a place to sleep lately!  Oh well, it’s a good busy!  It’s ok though because my back has been bothering me since this past weekend (too much dancing in heels, I think) so I can’t really clean like crazy anyway.  Folding laundry last night was a chore.  :(

Since my back is so sore, I’m debating on kickboxing tonight.  I ran on Tuesday night and I think that made it worse because yesterday was pretty bad and today isnt’ any better!  Ugh!  I can’t maintain a beautiful wedding figure if I can’t work out!!!

Plans for the next few weeks!!!  (This is mainly for Seth!!)
This weekend shopping in SF on Saturday and Surprise visit to Seth’s mom for Mother’s Day on Sunday
Next Thursday May 14th band concert
Saturday May 16th SF Shower (Sonja are you coming out with us that evening?  YOU SHOULD!!)
Week of the 18th Crazy beginner band week…meetings galore
Saturday May 23rd SL Shower, final fitting, meet with cake lady etc…
June 4th all groomsmen arrive and pick up tuxes and make sure they fit and then we procede to the Rehearsal at 6:30 (I think) and followed by the Groom’s Dinner
June 5th Marry Seth!!!!

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