Almost Done!

Well last night was our final concert of the year!  It went very well.  I’m always so proud of what the kids are able to do for the concert despite the few rehearsals prior to the concert!

It feels good to have that done.  Now I just need to focus on all the beginner band kiddos and the talent show that we are putting on for the second to last day of school.  I also need to throw in the Senior Cookout, a small meeting with the Hospice coordinator (I may put in some Music Therapy hours with them this summer…you know, in my spare time), drumline and colorguard auditions for marching band….Then school will be done and maybe I can just focus only on the wedding…. for that week that’s left!

I think these next three weeks will go by slowly yet I’ll feel like I have so much to do!  I think it’s just all the small things about the wedding.  Things that will just add the extra touches, like decorations etc.  The girly stuff that Seth just needs to say Yes Sweetheart, that’s a wonderful idea… it’ll be ‘pretty’.  :-)

I have learned, however, that when it comes to shopping, I will no longer show Seth my list of to-do’s.  I may still make one, but the minute I veer from the list, he notices and makes mention of the fact that “IT WASN’T ON THE LIST”!  Haha, I think he just wants to make sure that things get done in a timely manner, which is sweet, but sometimes I forget to add things to the list but they ARE still needed!  hehe  :)

Anywho, can’t wait for my family bridal shower this weekend, it should be a blast!  Seth’s also got another little bachelor-type get together.  I wonder if he’ll be up to drinking after the last bachelor party!

Sharla…. out….

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