So tonight I had to decide between posting a blog and putting pictures up on Facebook.  I did the latter, and I’m sorry.  I hope to do a nice post about what has happend to my life in thd past month, but am now tired and ready to not be looking at a computer screen anymore.  (Not quite sure how you men do that all day long and then come home and do it all night…) but anyway, I’m off to bed as I have another fun filled day of lessons tomorrow!  But keep tuned as you will all be blessed with a nice juicy blog soon enough!


  1. Sonja Says:

    Boo at that choice!

  2. seth Says:

    Yes, boo to the stupid facebook pictures and not a decent blog post =(

  3. andy Says:

    fail… that is all

  4. Barb Says:

    Juicy blog? Is it “mom” appropriate?

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