My first official week off!

Well, since the wedding I’ve found my self quite busy with giving lessons or attending summer education camps or playing in the summer musical or working with the middle school or high school marching band…

I feel as though it would be a bit odd to write tons about the wedding/honeymoon  since most of you who cared about how it went were either there at the wedding or have since asked about the honeymoon!

AND..if you want to see pictures, Seth has a link on his blog to the picasa website  :)
(Yes, that’s me being lazy on figuring out how to link it myself)  To be honest, the lack of blog entries is due to the fact that I don’t sit down at the computer very often unless I have to!

Here is a recap of what has happened for the past month in my life…

~About a month and a half ago I became a Larson it was exciting and everything I’d imagined it would be!  I had a blast
~I went to Jamaica and had great food and slept a lot…Seth was there too ;)
~I’ve given 3 weeks of summer lessons and have one week left (next week).  I give them Monday-Thursday from about 9 until 4
~I’m in the Summer Musical Production of Sound of Music.  When I say “In it” I’m actually playing for the orchestra, so I’m having tons of fun.  I’m considering auditioning for a singing part next summer, so we’ll see if I actually get the courage to do so!
~I’ve been working with the MS Marching band students to get them ready for the Sounds of Summer Parade on Aug. 22nd and the HS Marching Band to work on their music for the upcoming Marching Band Season.  My summer officially ends on Aug 3rd in which I will spend almost every day with the HS students and the staff to get ready for their fall competitions.  I’m not quite ready to be done with my summer!
~I GOT NEW RUNNING SHOES TODAY!  I met my mom and sisters in SF prior to the show (Sound of Music) and did a little bit of shopping!  I can’t wait to try them out!

Oh and Seth and I are reviewing all the Harry Potter movies since I’m horrible at remembering movies so when we go see HP6, I’m not asking 50billion questions!  We’ve watched the first 3, so we now have to find time to watch the other 2!

Ok, for those of you who read all of this, sorry!  My life is boring and well quite busy.

Maybe I can be better and keeping it more up to date and learn how to post pictures so you are less bored with all the typing!

k, peace out

Also, for those of you who care,  Sheldon was nominated for an Emmy Award for his acting on Big Bang Theory!


  1. Sonja Says:

    Seth, teach Sharla how to use the various blog features!

    Yay for Sheldon. His character is hilarious!

    Also, I wish I still had a summer and Christmas breaks! That’s been the hardest transition from college to “the real world.” I graduated 4 years ago… I should be used to this by now. Sigh.

  2. Sonja Says:

    Minus “a” before summer. Apparently my thought changed direction.

  3. Barb Says:

    Not to rub it in or anything but, I also have summer and Christmas breaks, not to mention small spring breaks, and it really is quite fabulous!!! ha ha

  4. Sonja Says:

    Gee, thanks Barb (&%$#@). :)

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