So this past weekend Seth and I brought our friends Laura and Wes to Spirit Lake with us for a mini Vacation.  Well it was more like a vacation to them than it was to us, but that’s ok!  We had a blast.  We ate some Mexican food on Friday night when we got there and then on Saturday we did “Art in the Park” where I saw my old art teacher and his funky little tea pots and then it was off to the Ritz for fishbowls and pizza.  It was pretty cold that day so we didn’t end up out on the boat at all.  After the Ritz and a round of Mini Golf we decided to hit the movie The Ugly Truth.

It has Katherine Heigel and Gerard Butler and was much funnier than we thought it would be.  Seth was pleased that the comedy in the movie was geared towards both men and women!  The plot was basically about the womanizer (Gerard) who says he knows everything there is to know about women and men and challenges (Katherine) in saying that he can get her the guy if she does everything she tells him to do.  BUT after Katherine gets the guy, I bet nobody can guess what happens!  You’ll have to watch it to see!  :)   Anyway, it was a cute movie.

I didn’t have any great pictures of our friends as the one I took turned out pretty poor, but I do have these two!!  One is of Traci and I, and the other is of Seth and I.

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  1. Barb Says:

    I will send you some pics of the “mini vacation” of your guests around the raging bonfire we had!!

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