Great Weekend!

So this weekend Seth and I headed to Mount Kato to go skiing and it was a blast!  Not quite the same as skiing in Colorado but for a place only 2 hrs from where we live, it’ll have to do!  Right about the time we were debating calling it quits it started to rain and the slopes started to get pretty slippery so it made it easier for us to decide to leave!  We then headed for the mall where we had to do a couple of returns.  Not gonna lie, Victoria’s Secret is kind of starting to tick me off when it comes to doing returns there.  They make it very difficult to actually return something.  That being said, I now have a piece of lingerie that does not fit me.  :(

I think I shall boycott VS for a while.  Any suggestions on where to go other than there girls??

Another piece of fun (at least to me) news is that I got a new pair of running shoes! Seth and I both decided to try our luck with Mizunos.  My first run was interesting as my feet started to burn probably due to over-heating or something so I hope to gradually wear them in.  My half-marathon training is going pretty well.  My knees still aren’t bothering me, so that’s great!  :)

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for now!


  1. Sonja Says:

    You’ll have to let me know how you like the Mizuno’s after a few wearings. Mine are quite comfortable during the run, but they are ruining the heels of my socks. Not sure if it’s a Mizuno thing, or my specific shoe lining… It’s making me sad though. :(

  2. sharla Says:

    My 3mile run yesterday in the Mizunos went well. I’m trying to gradually break them in. I haven’t had any issues with them ruining my socks yet though!
    Do you want to start another Nike Challenge Sonja?? We could have the end date be that of the race! :) Maybe that way I can talk Traci into using her sensor too. She always forgets to use it.

  3. Sonja Says:

    Sure. I won’t be running near as much mileage as the two of you, but whatever.

    Can we start it on Monday? I’m waiting for an owie to heal.

  4. sharla Says:

    Haha, ok, I’ll wait until Monday and then I’ll do the challenge. I think you’ve beat me on every challenge we’ve done!

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