Memorial Day

Grandpa Todd and Tayden

This weekend we went to Seth’s Aunt Teresa’s house for some grilling and chilling!  It was great to spend some time with family.  We got to hang out with Heather, Eric and Max.  It was nice to see Heather and her Expanding belly!  Yup!  She’s expecting another baby!  It’s great to have so many little babies in the family.  :)

Tayden is getting to big!  He seems like he’s growing every day.  He’s loving his rice cereal and we plan to try some real food some time this week.  I’m thinking we’ll start with some Sweet Potatoes!   We are also planning to meet with a photographer some time this coming week to get some professional pictures of Tayden.  But until then, this is as close we we can get…. :)

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