Race Weekend

This weekend marked the “2nd Annual” trip to Deadwood.  It was a very long drive there and even longer drive back!  Old Mc Donald Had a Farm was heard by all for about 45 minutes straight.  I kid you not!  My family was quite appreciative that I have a decent voice!  :/
Traci ran the half marathon while Kristine Dineen, Myself, Dan Overby, Andrea, and my Dad ran the Marathon Relay.  Aside from Mr. Bobby Dineen, Seth, and Dan dropping Kristine off at the WRONG starting point, the race went great!

Here is a picture of the finishers!  I think most of us were very happy with the way we ran.  I was probably the only one who was dissatisfied with my run.  I guess having a baby, crappy weather, and not training as much as needed didn’t help an uphill and very warm run.  Oh well!  It was fun nonetheless!!

After we all healed from our runs, we had a great dinner.  Then the next day we stopped at Reptile Gardens!  That was fun.  As you can see Tayden was prepared with his Alligator top.  We were able to meet Methuselah, the oldest turtle there.  She will be 130 in a few days!

Oh yeah!  And it was Seth and my 2nd Anniversary too!  :)   We didn’t get any pictures together though.  Oops!


  1. Barb Smook Says:

    Happy Birthday Methuselah! And Happy Anniversary Sharla and Seth! Love the pic of Tayden sitting in the grass. Actually love all the pics! Thanks for sharing honey! :)

  2. Sonja Says:

    Happy 2nd Anniversary!

  3. Amber Says:

    Holy humongous reptile, Batman!!

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