Baby Shower/Father’s Day/Smithermans!!!

This past weekend was SUPER busy!  Filled with a trip to the cities to see some College friends and finally have my long awaited for Baby Shower  hosted by Sara and Renee!  It was great to see everyone and let the babies play!  We had Jackson and Chase there as well!  After gifts we had some AMAZING chocolate cake with Raspberry filling and ended the night with some fun games.

On Sunday we headed home from the Cities and stopped by Kowalski’s Market to get Pastries as requested by Seth as his Father’s Day breakfast.  Then when we got home, Seth opened up his gifts from Tayden.  His favorite gift?  His Space Pen that is supposed to be able to write on any surface.  Designed by NASA.  :)

Then as if the weekend wasn’t busy enough, Tayden and I left on Monday to pick up my mom in Spirit Lake before heading to Fort Dodge to see the Smitherman Family.  Amber hadn’t met Tayden yet and I hadn’t met her new baby Alexander.  It was great to catch up.  Even if Fort Dodge doesn’t believe in parks (well we did see one, but a drug deal was going down in front of it, so we didn’t think it was safe!).  So after eating at Fazolis we ended up at the Public Library to talk and let the kids play.  Kris was acting Photographer for this picture and my mother was the Comedian/Toy Squeaker.  As you can see, the kids weren’t too amused with my mother’s antics!


  1. Barb Smook Says:

    Not many are amused by my antics, justifiably so! :/ However, my main objective was to simply get everyone looking towards the camera. Actually getting them to smile would have been a bonus at this point! haha

  2. Kristine Dineen Says:

    I didn’t know it was your and Seth’s anniversary that day!! Happy Belated Anniversary to you both!!

  3. Sonja Says:

    Am I the only one that finds it amusing you selected a library as your location to visit? Shhhhhhh.

  4. sharla Says:

    Well, you see… We did the Library because we honestly drove by like 4 parks and they all looked HORRIBLE! Plus we were getting tired of driving around in a town we didn’t know so we stopped at the place that looked the safest!

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