So today Tayden was being pretty needy and grumpy and I had to get ready!  He didn’t really sleep when I put him down for a nap so I took a very fast shower.  Then I turned on the TV with some cartoons and sat him on the bed.  He usually never pays attention, but I thought I’d try.  He actually sat there for about 10 minutes!  I was able to dry my hair and do some of my makeup w/out interruptions!  Now, that being said, I absolutely DO NOT want to use the TV as a babysitter.  Once he actually starts watching TV and stops paying attention to his toys, I’ll have to think about how much TV I have on.  But as of now, other than this and like 2 or 3 other times, he could care less about the TV.  Let’s hope that lasts for a while!!

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