Easter 2012

We were lucky because we got to celebrate Easter with both sides of the family.  The weekend before Easter we headed to the farm to be with the Kellers and it was so much fun!  Tayden did his first little Easter egg hunt and did a pretty good job!  Seth’s cousins helped out a little too.  The food and company were amazing!  I always love when the whole family gets together because the cousins always have so much fun playing!  Now that Tayden’s a bit older, he’s able to join in on some of the fun.

Then on Easter weekend, we headed over to Spirit Lake to be with my family and that was fun too!  Tayden had a chance to master the art of opening eggs so he was very excited to find the eggs to see what was inside them.  His favorites were definitely the chocolate filled eggs.  He didn’t much care for the pretzels or goldfish!

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