1st Annual (hopefully) vacation/conference in The Dells!

This was a last minute decision for us, but it ended up that Tayden and I were able to join Seth and his two coworkers Tyler and Jackson on their trip to the Wisconsin Dells for a Conference.  I’m so glad we did!  We got to stay at the Kalahari Resort which is one that you drive by and wonder how much fun it would be to actually stay there!  Well it’s just that fun!  There are so many things to do and we weren’t even able to begin to do them all as Tayden was still a bit too young.

We were able to do the indoor and outdoor water park though.  Only one of the days seemed to be warm enough to go outside as the water out there is REALLY cold and Tayden wasn’t too fond of that!  The thing we noticed, however, was that there was a lot of spraying water on most of the kid’s slides and Tayden still isn’t over his fear of water splashing in his face so it did prove to be a bit of a challenge to get him up the steps and down a slide.  We did find one part of the park entitled “Tiko’s Watering Hole” that Tayden liked.  Seth and I had a chance to take Tayden down a few family slides and he LOVED that but time was limited so we only got to do those a few times!  Maybe we can try tonight as Grandpa Marc will be joining us at the park!

I was starting to get a bit sad at the fact that I was just able to watch people go down the slides while chasing Tayden and never really able to go down them myself until Jackson volunteered to watch Tayden so Seth and I could go play!  The park stayed open until 1:30 AM one night so the conference attendees and their families could go enjoy it.  And enjoy it, we did!  There is this slide affectionately known as the toilet bowl where you go through a covered tube and then into this huge bowl and you “swirl” down and fall through a big hole at the bottom.  The pool under the hole is 9+ feet deep!  I tried it and it was pretty fun but I only had the guts to do it once because it kind of hurt my back and man was I really disoriented after I fell into the water!!!  Seth did it a couple of times and then he was gutsy enough to do the plunge!  You go up to the tippy top of this slide and stand in this capsule and then the bottom falls from under your feet and you fall vertically!  Crazy Crazy slide!!!

The food here is also really good but tends to be super spendy so we (Tayden and I) are eating in our room as much as we can and trying not to get too jealous of daddy eating all of that nummy food at the conference!

Hopefully we can grab a few more pics tonight of how much fun we have been having!

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  1. Barb Says:

    What fun and love, love, love the pics! Thanks for sharing Sharla! :)

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