Trip to Wisconsin Dells Part II

As promised, here are the remainder of the photos from our Dells trip!  Grandpa Marc came to play with us a bit and enjoyed a nice dinner with us before heading  back home!  We had such a good time in the Dells and are already talking about our trip next year!

I love this picture of Tayden!  If you look closely, you’ll see his mouth is open as he’s super excited to be up this close to the gorilla!

These two photos ^^ were taken the last night we were there in front of the Elephant.  i had the 3 conference attendees jump in for their photo op. too!  (We were headed to the water park – hence the swim trunks!)

And below are the remainder of the pictures from our water park trip!  Grandpa Marc playing with Tayden and me watching!  (Note to self: if you don’t try to keep a smile on your face, you sometimes look upset!  Re: A picture taken of me at our wedding listening to the amazing Jasmine sing our unity candle song and I look so upset when in fact, I was just listening intently and loving every minute of her solo!)

Photo for reference:

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