Renaissance Festival

This past weekend I went with Roosevelt HS Marching Band for our first competition in the cities at Rosemount HS.  We did ok for our first show, but we are excited to keep on working towards a better show. :-)

Seth and Dan drove up with Tayden and met up with my High School friend Jayme to get Tayden settled in for the night.  Then Jayme left them after making them an amazing pizza to come get me at Rosemount HS.  The next morning we headed to the Festival after a great breakfast of coconut pancakes (amazing), bacon (Even better) and bear sausage (you’ll have to ask Seth how it tasted!).  Yes, you read that right, she made a GREAT breakfast which included BEAR sausage!  Her boyfriend Joel and his dad are avid hunters and I believe this bear was Joel’s dad’s catch up by their cabin in Northern Minnesota.

Anyway, the Festival!  It was a lot of fun and there were SO many people there!  I think Seth is getting excited to bring Tayden back when he’s a bit older so he can show him actual swords and all things Renaissance-like!  Even though I did not eat a turkey leg, I managed to eat a bunch of unhealthy foods such as caramel apples, a corn dog (because Tayden would eat it), a raspberry chocolate truffle, some of Seth’s Salted Caramel Cupcake and I had no regrets!  We were running out of time and Seth and Dan requested that we at least make it to the other side of the Festival Area.  I wish we had gone there sooner because the crowd was much more spread out and the animals were there (hence Tayden’s favorite part!).  I didn’t take many pics but here is what I got!  You’ll have to use your imagination when it comes to the kinds of sights (and people) we saw there, these are just of Tayden!


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  1. Sonja Says:

    Caramel apples are only HALF unhealthy…

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