Hi Again!

I see that I haven’t updated my blog for quite some time!  A lot has happened since then! I think the most obvious change is that our family has increased by one!  Evalyn Olivia has most definitely made our lives much more exciting, and as of late, busy!  I definitely embrace the saying that once they start walking, there is no stopping them!

Tayden is doing great too!  He starts preschool next week and is looking forward to it.  Seth and I are a bit nervous as he is a very ‘energetic’ boy and loves to express his feelings, loudly. :-)  It should be good for him though as he will be able to learn new things and socialize with other kids his age.  He will be attending Peace Lutheran preschool; it’s coincidentally where I went when my family lived here before we moved to Spirit Lake!  It’s hard to believe he’s already preschool age!  My little baby is growing up!


Well, there you have it!  A quick little update on the kiddos!  I would like to try to keep this blog more up to date, so we’ll see how that goes!  Here’s to a new type of school year for me as it’s the first of many with my children attending!

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