Block Party

A few of us in our neighborhood got together to plan a block party and it was this past weekend!  It was fun to get to know some neighbors a little bit better and meet some of the new ones!  I just learned that a new family that recently moved in is from Marshall, MN and I worked with their son in the marching band when I was there a few years ago!  It’s such a small world!

Quite a few people got up early on Saturday to play golf and enjoy some adult beverages.  Those of us that stayed home got the snacks ready and watched the kids play in the giant inflatable water slide (which was a hit!) and bouncy house.  Once the golf teams got back and the winners flaunted their trophy, more adult beverages were shared and the grills were started. Kids played. Food was consumed. Drinks drank. People mingled. Bags were tossed. And more drinks were drank!  It was a fun day and I’m glad our neighborhood was able to do this and I definitely look forward to next year!

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  1. mike Says:

    It’s interesting that something as simple as a block party can really make a neighborhood. We had our 7th annual block party this year, and it was great. It is one of the primary things that will likely keep us living in this house longer than we ever thought we would. It’s great to see others having a similar experience! Keep it up!

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