30 years of Service for Dad

So, when I was 5 1/2 we moved from Sioux Falls to Spirit Lake, Iowa for my dad to manage the Hy Vee Wine and Spirits store.  It was a great opportunity for our family but it was a hard move for my mom.  She loved Sioux Falls and she was 9 months pregnant.  She wasn’t excited to move to a small town where she didn’t know anybody.  Fast forward 3o years and my mom would tell you she’s so glad they took that chance and so am I!  I loved growing up in Spirit Lake.  I loved the small town feel.  Our school was great with a fabulous music and athletic program.  I had enough opportunities to grow into the woman I am today and realize what I want in my life in regards to how to raise our kids and what values we would like to incorporate.  I always find myself trying to figure out how we are going to provide our children with the same opportunities we had as kids yet not overwhelm them.

But, back to my dad!  It was fun to hear all about the Hy Vee corporation and what they are doing now to grow.  Apparently they are moving into The Cities (MN) and I think that’s awesome!  I had the chance to work for my dad during the summers when I was home from college and I wouldn’t change that for anything.  I helped my relationship with him and to be honest, having him as my boss helped me to respect him more.  I was able to see him in action and I think he does such a great job with his store.  He knows how to manage his accounts so as to keep them happy with product in their restaurants/bars and the promise of his service whenever needed.  You can ask that man anything about wine, beer or liquor and he can answer it (something that came in quite handy when I was newly of drinking age!)  I just had so much fun working with him and I honestly think that most of his employees do too!

My dad was probably the best boss I’ve had!  I’m assuming he probably won’t work for Hy Vee much longer but I think he will agree that he is super lucky to be a part of this company!  He deserves recognition for the service he has given to Hy Vee!


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