Tayden the goofball

We had the opportunity to watch the neighbor boy Alex a today because his mom was at a meeting at his big sister’s school so what do you think we did?  We made Halloween cupcakes, of course!  The boys were so excited to help make them too!  I think the hardest part for them was waiting for the cupcakes to bake and cool!  Tayden kept coming up every 3 minutes asking if they were done yet so they could frost them!  I finally had to explain to him that if he keeps coming up to ask me that question, I’ll never get the frosting made for them to decorate the cupcakes with!  :-)

Making the cupcakes

Tayden’s friend Alex is quite picky so when I gave the boys the beaters so they could lick the batter off, he wasn’t quite sure he wanted to try it!

Checking the recipe

After the cupcakes were baked and cooled, I had the audacity to make the boys eat lunch!  Can you imagine how hard that was?!  Who wants chicken nuggets and *gasp* veggies when they can have a freshly frosted cupcake?!  Haha!! Unfortunately, I never got a picture of the boys frosting and devouring their cupcakes but I did manage to snap one of Evalyn testing hers out before she smeared the frosting all over her face and high chair!

Once Alex left with his cupcakes to share with his family, it was time for us to clean up.  Of course we had to do some laundry and Tayden finally figured out that he can be a great helper when it comes to laundry.  I’m so glad…

And with that folks, I’m headed off to the store to grab a gourmet cupcake.  I hear Hy Vee has some delicious ones!

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