Wartburg Homecoming

This past weekend was my 10 year reunion at college.  It’s so hard to believe it’s been 10 years!  So much has changed!  I’ve moved across the country, gotten married, traveled to Jamaica and Hawaii, lived in 11 different places, welcomed 3 animals, and last but CERTAINLY not least, had 2 babies!

With the kids left safely at home with Grandma Sheree entertaining and chasing after them, we headed on out to Waverly, IA (about 5 hours away).  On our way there, we couldn’t decide what excited us most: seeing old friends, dining out without children, or sleeping in.  We then realized that I agreed to meet up with everyone at the parade on Saturday morning so our sleeping in dreams were taken away from us (at least for Saturday).

It was so much fun to be back on campus to see all of the things that have changed and all of the things that have stayed the same!  We snuck in to our old dorms, visited where we spent the MAJORITY of our time… The FAC  (Fine Arts Center), watched the football team dominate their homecoming game against The Dubuque Spartans, and ate very expensive croissants!

Engelbrecht Girls

Galena Girls +2

We were blessed with such a beautiful day so sitting through a great football game was a lot easier that we thought it would be at the beginning of the day when the temperature was in the low 40′s!  Before the football game, all of the alumni gathered in a tent to enjoy a very expensive croissant with veggies and apples while sharing our memories of days in the past.  It was almost like the past 10 years never happened and we could just jump back in to college mode.  It was so much fun!

Renee and I at the Game








Since we were SO far ahead in the game, we decided it was ok to head on out for supper!  Back in the day, we’d go take a nap for a few hours before heading on out for supper around 8!  BUT, our 10 years older bodies liked the idea of supper at 5 instead!  Renee really wanted some good Mexican food and I wanted Queso Blanco so Britta made sure to find just the restaurant!  Los Cabos in Cedar Falls was the pick and it hit the spot beautifully!  Margaritas and Sangrias all around for this group!  (But don’t worry, nobody had more than 2 as that’s all our parent induced tolerance allowed – except for Britta and Tory – they don’t have kids yet, so they can tolerate a bit more than us tired parents!)


Back at home…

Max ~ Tayden ~ Will

The kiddos seemed to be having a great time!  Grandma Sheree met up with Grandma Teresa (who was also entertaining her grandkids because their parents left them for a Pearl Jam concert!  I’m thinking Seth probably would have preferred to be with his cousin in the Cities at a concert instead of good old Waverly, IA… but he didn’t ever complain!) and Aunt Neen and they had so much fun!  They made Halloween cookies, a ghost family which currently resides in our kitchen, went to the zoo and played outside.  We were anticipating arriving home to some very happy, yet tired kiddos!

Now, back in Iowa we had finished up our supper and decided to convene back at the hotel for after dinner drinks.  I mean, back in the day, we surely would have headed to Joe’s or something to dance the night away, but that was in no way going to happen tonight!  As the night wore on and the clock neared 10pm we started yawning.  We managed to make it until around 11pm before we called it a night!  That’s late for us parents, you know!  We finally got to sleep in the following morning (you know, past 7am) and met at Ihop before departing in our separate ways for our homes to be reunited with our adorable kiddos!

All in all it was a great weekend and we look forward to our 15 year reunion!  We hear that we actually get to eat our reunion meal inside and might actually get served food on real plates!  Wahoo!

Tayden and Evalyn were so happy to see us when we got home and I’m sure Grandma was ready to go sleep in her own bed again too!

Evalyn is still enjoying the swag I brought back for her :-)

Future Wartburg Cheerleader?

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