It’s almost February!!!

So much has happened in the past few months!  Thanksgiving was spent at the farm and it was a great time!  There was turkey, pie, 4 wheelers, and dune racers!  Christmas came and went, as it does; and we were super busy!  We all came down with Influenza 2 weeks before the holiday so that made trying to do all of the traditional baking a bit difficult!! We finally felt better to celebrate Christmas at the Farm the week before Christmas, do some baking and then head to Spirit Lake on Christmas Day after Santa came!

We celebrated the beginning of the year when my great college friend Amber and her kiddos came to visit for a few days while Kris, her husband was off on a retreat!  It was so nice to see her and let the kids play together!  There were 6 kids under one roof and it honestly felt like we were cooking, cleaning, cooking, fighting naps, cooking, cleaning, and then crashing!  It was a blast!

Now it’s almost February and I don’t know where the time has gone!  Evalyn is almost 19 months old!  She is such blessing!  We are definitely noticing the difference between a girl toddler and the way Tayden was when he was younger!

Here’s a bit about Evalyn:
*Still doesn’t talk much
*Yet she has occasional days where she will say 10+ words followed by a day with no words!
*She will point to the radio so I turn the music on so she can dance!
*LOVES Duplo blocks and will stack and re-stack them for extended periods of time!
*Loves My Little Pony and will seek out her stuffed animals when we turn an episode on.
*I just weaned her from nursing in the morning and we are now down to only nursing at bedtime :-(
*Tries to dress herself and will take socks and shoes off and put them back on repeatedly
*Helps me sweep, mop, feed puppies, dust, etc…
*Favorite foods are: PB&J, Mac N Cheese, Yogurt, Chicken Nuggets, Fruit, … normal toddler food and not much more!  My great eater kind of turned into a picky toddler – bummer!!

*She is generally a happy and energetic little girl who loves her brother SO much!  We thank God every day for her!

Tayden the 4 YEAR OLD!
*Is doing great in Preschool.  He’s making friends and looks forward to going on Tuesdays and Thursdays!
*He is Super into Legos!  He doesn’t quite build things just yet, but loves to play with the things that we have built for him!
*Loves Transformers and Autobots!
*He would go ride his bike or scooter every day if it wasn’t too cold outside!
*Still refuses to dress himself and would be perfectly content to run around in his undies all day long!
*He is starting to recognize letters!  He can pick out a letter that goes with a name or word!  Ex. “this Q is for the word Queen!”
*Is starting to be more respectful of Evalyn’s personal space and doesn’t always need to be pulling her over and hugging her!!
*He is still super picky and could honestly go a day without eating a meal!!!

As far as life goes, we are keeping busy here!

Entertaining a new Kitten!

Getting excited for 2 ski trips in March!

Here are a few pics of the past few months!

Celebrating my Birthday


Tayden turned 4!

My Grandparents came over on Christmas Eve!

Matching Jammies!

Bonding while shopping!

With Amber and Ava

I'm surprised the matching mittens aren't on too!

Meet Princess Luna Stormtrooper McQueen the 3rd! (Luna for short)

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