Pregnancy #2

Baby Girl Larson is due the end of July, 2013!

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Updates for Family and Friends about this pregnancy:


Well, I’m off bedrest and my medicine that is supposed to stop the contractions (Procardia).  I’m experiencing regular contractions that range from every 5 minutes for a few hours to every 10/15 minutes for a few hours.  I’m quite uncomfortable, to say the least!  I went in yesterday as I didn’t think that contractions every 5 minutes was a good sign but the contractions still seem not to be doing much to dilate me so they sent me home and told me to come back when they are even more painful!

So here I sit!  I’ve done quite a bit of walking, some dishes, some laundry, more walking and still nothing!  I guess she’ll comes when she wants to and there is no rushing her!  I know technically, I have 4 more weeks, but the fact that she’s measuring 3+ weeks ahead makes me a bit nervous to carry her to 40 weeks as I don’t want to birth a 10+ pound baby!!!!


Well, I have officially been on bed rest for over a week now!  I went in to the doctor on Thursday June 6th for painful contractions and they kept me there over night for observation.  I was dilated to 1cm and 70% effaced.  Since my labor with Tayden progressed so quickly, they are worried this one will too.  I was given two steroid shots of betamethasone to mature baby’s lungs (at 24 hrs apart) and was put on Procardia to stop my contractions.  My contractions still came but weren’t as painful.  When they checked me the following day, it was decided that I didn’t dilate any further and I could go home and be on strict bedrest until this little princess decides to make her arrival.  The goal is for me to get to 36 weeks to avoid a ‘mandatory’ NICU visit.  (If she is born anytime before 36 weeks, it is common practice that she be brought up to the NICU no matter what)

She continues to measure right on and bigger than expected for her gestational age and is perfectly healthy in there.  As for me, I can honestly say that this bed rest thing is for the birds!  I’m one that likes to be doing things and chasing my son and playing!  It’s very difficult for me to sit around an allow others to clean and take care of my son.  :-(  I know it’s all for the best, but it still proves to be quite difficult.  That being said, I’m very grateful for everyone who has been able to help us out during this time.  I’m not sure how we can ever repay you, but we will find a way in due time!

That’s about all of an update I have for now.  I’ll keep you posted on any further changes!  :-)


My last visit with Dr. McNamara was 2 days ago and I was 30wks 5 days pregnant.  I am currently measuring 34 wks 5 days and the baby is estimated to weigh 4lbs 15oz!  So, if i carry to term she will be one large baby!  OR if I have her early, at least we know she’ll be nice and big!  The doctor doesn’t seem to be too worried about me delivering early, he just suggests that I continue to take it easy and “listen to my body”.  I’m still having constant braxton hicks contractions and they seem to be a bit more regular with a slight amount of pain.  I’m going down in hours with daycare kiddos so as to allow my body to relax (as much as one can with a 2 1/2 year old toddler)!

As far as preparations go, we have the crib set up and the bedding here!   I continue to get the kids’ bedroom cleaned and organized so everything has a ‘place’!  Next on the list for things to do is get everything washed and put away.  I’m starting to get excited to meet her!


My check ups continue to be every other week and I continue to progress healthily!  My cervical length is getting a bit shorter as the weeks go by but the doctor doesn’t seem to be too alarmed.  My last measurement was 2.9 centimeters and I think they worry around 2.4 centimeters.  He said he’d ideally like it to be 5cm but that’s just not going to happen!  I have my glucose screening this week to make sure I don’t have gestational diabetes

I’m still watching the twins who are almost 10 months old and I watch a 17 month old 1-2 times a week.  It’s starting to get hard to chase Tayden around and keep on top of watching the kiddos, but I’m still doing it and will do so until school gets out the end of May.  Then I’ll go down to part time until I deliver.  I continue to have Braxton Hicks contractions daily but my doctor attributes that to my silly uterus!  Hopefully this ‘silly uterus’ doesn’t get any crazy ideas and keeps baby GIRL nice and safe in there for a few more weeks!

Just for you curious minds, I’m now officially the same measurement around my tummy (and have been for a couple of weeks) that I was when I gave birth to Tayden, so yes… I’m quite a bit bigger this time around!  Yay!!!  :-/


I had a routine check up almost 2 weeks ago and everything is going great!  They will continue to monitor me every other week and do a cervical ultrasound at each appointment to make sure everything is as it should be and my body isn’t preparing to go in to labor too soon.  I’m definitely starting to feel the inevitable discomfort of pregnancy but it is manageable.  If you compare my pregnancy with Tayden to this one, you can see that I’m quite a bit bigger!  According to my measurements, I’m about 3 inches bigger but weigh 1-2 pounds less at this point – in comparison to last time.  The math doesn’t quite add up, but it is what it is!

I’ve been feeling baby girl move for a while now and Seth was able to feel her move about a week ago around 21 weeks.  Braxton Hicks Contractions are a regular occurrence as well so I try to make sure I drink plenty of water and put my feet up when I can.  It can prove to be a bit difficult while watching 3, sometimes 4 kiddos, but I manage!  :-)   My next doctor’s appointment is in 2 days and I’ll see the specialist this time.  (I see him every 4 and my regular doc every 4, so it alternates at every 2)


We will watch this pregnancy much closer this time in hopes that I will not go early again.  Since I have a bicornuate uterus, the possibilities of preterm delivery are heightened.  A bicornuate uterus is a heart-shaped uterus which sometimes doesn’t allow baby all of the room it needs to grow to it’s full size.  The doctors assume that is why I went early with Tayden.  Most pregnancies like mine will result in breech babies so will likely need a C-Section.  I’m hoping for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) but am not counting on it as this baby is still transverse and the doctor said she needs to flip within the next few weeks or it probably won’t happen for me.  :-(   But that’s ok as a healthy and happy baby is the most important thing, so if I have to have a c-section in order for that to happen, so be it!

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