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Spring is here!!!

The snow has finally melted and the kids are so ready for the weather to be nice enough to go out and play!  I am starting to realize that I am going to have to find a happy medium on how much freedom I will give Tayden.  He sees the big kids out there running around and going from place to place, but I am just not ready to allow him to do that!  I fear that will cause some issues as we fall into a system!  Evalyn also thinks she can do what her brother is doing!  At least I can keep her inside the gates of our backyard, so my worry at this point is making sure she doesn’t fall off of the steps for the play set!!!

We have had a busy past month with 2 (yes 2!) trips to Colorado and Easter.  After being away from home for almost 2 weeks in the month of March, we decided we wanted to just be at home for Easter.  We were to happy to celebrate all that Jesus has done for us at our church before my family came to enjoy a nice meal with us afterwards!  I have been singing at the 10:45 service quite a bit so we usually get Tayden to Sunday School at 9:20 and then he’ll come to church with us at 10:45.  It can prove to be a long morning, but he does okay with it! (I mean, as far as 4 year olds go in church… could be better/could be worse!)

Colorado was great!  We skied with Seth’s mom, Todd and Zach while the kiddos stayed at my parent’s house. We stayed right at Copper Mountain and the weather was amazing with fresh powder one day and great ski conditions.  We drove home on a Sunday and then headed back to Colorado to meet Seth’s dad, Sandi, her daughter Allison, and her boyfriend Marty.  Tayden came with this time while Evalyn stayed back with Sheree!  The trip was a bit different this time what with the 4 y/o dynamic!  There wasn’t as much skiing but we definitely enjoyed a beautiful day at the Denver Zoo and took Tayden tubing at Copper Mountain.  We tried to take him skiing but that didn’t go nearly as well as we had hoped!  There’s always next year… or maybe even the year after!  He was really not enjoying the idea of not having control of his feet!!!

It was a busy month and we are finally getting back into the swing of life!  I am taking advantage of my time home with the kids and we spend most mornings at the gym as I’m training for a half marathon (amongst a few other races) this summer.  So I will either bring both kids or just Evalyn (while Tayden is at preschool) with me to the gym so I can do a class or run on the treadmill if I was unable to get a run in the night before.  This South Dakota weather is just frustrating!  It’s either cold or so stinking windy and I’m just a wimp when it comes to running in less than 45 degrees or more than 20mph winds!  I usually take a Tuesday or Thursday off to get groceries in the morning while Tay is at preschool since bringing both kids with me to the store is just not as easy!

Just a perspective – this is a typical day in our house!
6:20/6:40 Tayden and Seth wake up.  Tayden will watch a cartoon while Seth showers and gets ready for work.  I really wish I was a morning person as I’d love to be the wifey who gets up before the family and makes breakfast and coffee for everyone but I’m just not… not sure if I ever will be!!!

7:15/7:30 Evalyn will wake up.  This usually happens just as Seth is leaving and I’m getting up.  I will fix the kids breakfast and we’ll either get ready for preschool or to go to the gym/grocery store.  Out the door by 8:45/9.

11:45 get back home from errands or picking Tayden up from preschool and prepare lunch.  The kids will usually play upstairs or out in the backyard while I fix something.

1:15/1:30 would be nap time for Evalyn and rest time for Tayden.  Evalyn is still a great napper and Tayden will probably only nap 3 out of the 7 days!  He always has to take a rest though!  I use this time to quick clean the toys and kitchen.  I will then throw a load or two of laundry in, maybe grab a shower, mop/sweep, fold laundry, change bedding, clean the bathroom… but not all in one day!  Before I know it, it’s 3:30 and I may have been able to catch a 30 min break to actually sit down to fold a sock or two and start an episode of The Voice, Grey’s Anatomy, DWTS, or Scandal when the kids wake up (or get tired of reading books or watching a movie on the ipad).  We then play/read/puzzle/bike until …

4:30/5 I will start supper so it’s ready around 5:45 for when Seth gets home!

I teach lessons one night and if I sing on Sunday will go to Worship Practice another night.

7:00 baths

7:30 books

7:45 Eva in bed

7:45 Tayden in bed but his witching hour is just getting started so if he’s napped, he may play or sing or talk or read or…. for another 45 minutes.  If he hasn’t napped, he may fight bedtime and be really cranky and demanding and stubborn for another 45 minutes until he passes out. :-)   We cannot always guess how it will go!  Tonight he was super tired and went to sleep right away, we lucked out!

10/11 is our bedtime!

Anyway, that’s enough for now.  Here are a few pictures of the past few adventures!!!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

We went bowling!

First trip to Colorado with The Kellers!

Back in CO with Tayden!

Ready to ski ... or not!

Family Tubing!!

Learning how to play pool with Grandpa Marc

Headed home with a Tiger for Eva!

Dying Eggs!


He LOVED coloring the eggs!

She's taking over the lawn mower this year!

God blessed me with a girl just so I have someone's hair to beautify!

Lucky and Blessed!

Evalyn is 15 months

As I sit here writing in Eva’s baby book, I’m a bit sad to realize how fast this past year+ has gone!  My little baby girl is already a bit over 15 months old and she’s showing us new tricks every day!  In the past week we have heard her vocabulary go from 4 words (uh oh, hieee, mama and uh uh) which she’s been using for a good month to 9-10 words! (add in ‘gama’ (for grandma), puppy, kitty, ‘yeeyee’ (for Lilly), owie and ‘ah duh’ (for all done).  She’s also grasping on to the meaning of sign language and loves to use the sign for “all done”, “more” and “please”.  Surprisingly enough, these signs all revolve around anything happing with food!!!

We are starting to notice such a difference between having a daughter and a son!  She seems to show such an interest in dancing and music!  She is also drawn more to animated musical things on the tv screen.  She has a love for ponies and balls which leads us to believe we’ll have a sensitive athlete!!!  Tayden was more interested in toy animals and cars at this age.

Evalyn has this immense LOVE for the dogs and her and Lilly really seem to have a special relationship; this is why I’m not surprised that “yee yee” is one of her first words!  She loves her naps and lays down so nicely.  She still appreciates to take 2 naps a day (knock on wood) and will go pick up her blankie and stuffed giraffe when I ask her if it’s time for a nap.  She’ll then walk to the gate and wait for me to open it to go downstairs.  My favorite part is that when I walk her to her room, she lays her head on my shoulder.  Bless her heart!  I’m hoping she always sleeps this well as Tayden is the exact opposite when it comes to sleeping!

Eva always seems to be happy and loves her family.  She enjoys ‘trying’ to play with her brother and her favorite thing is confiscating his ipad to play with the piano app!  We need to be careful with these two kids!  They will soon become more efficient with the technology than … well me, as it’ll take some time before they surpass their daddy!

Our sweet baby girl is such a delight and we couldn’t be more lucky!

Hi Again!

I see that I haven’t updated my blog for quite some time!  A lot has happened since then! I think the most obvious change is that our family has increased by one!  Evalyn Olivia has most definitely made our lives much more exciting, and as of late, busy!  I definitely embrace the saying that once they start walking, there is no stopping them!

Tayden is doing great too!  He starts preschool next week and is looking forward to it.  Seth and I are a bit nervous as he is a very ‘energetic’ boy and loves to express his feelings, loudly. :-)  It should be good for him though as he will be able to learn new things and socialize with other kids his age.  He will be attending Peace Lutheran preschool; it’s coincidentally where I went when my family lived here before we moved to Spirit Lake!  It’s hard to believe he’s already preschool age!  My little baby is growing up!


Well, there you have it!  A quick little update on the kiddos!  I would like to try to keep this blog more up to date, so we’ll see how that goes!  Here’s to a new type of school year for me as it’s the first of many with my children attending!