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Tayden’s Grandparents are Awesome!

If we haven’t mentioned how lucky we are to have such wonderful parents, then we will do it now!  Grandma and Grandpa Smook, Grandma and Grandpa Keller and Grandpa Larson are so amazingly wonderful to Tayden and they spoil him with their love every day.  He’s so excited to see each and every one of them and he loves them to pieces!  I’m pretty sure he is always more excited to hang out with them than he is his boring old mom!

So this blog is a tribute to the wonderfulness of Seth and my parents!

Below is from My Parent’s House in Spirit Lake.

Below is from time spent on Grandma and Grandpa Keller’s Farm in Twin Brooks!  I don’t have many good pictures of Grandpa Todd so I’ll have to add some at a later time.  But there is a picture of Great Grandma Marilyn in there!

To the left is from time spent with Grandpa Marc.  We don’t get to see him as often since he lives in Janesville, WI.  The top picture was taken at Big Stone Lake while Marc and Sandy were staying in Seth’s Uncle (Marc’s Brother) Mike’s cabin.  This was a day before a tornado swept through the area and basically took out the cabin.  I’ve never been so close to a tornado’s destruction in my life and I can say that I never care to again!

And just to prove how special Grandpas are, below is my dad teaching Tayden how to wash cars!  Pretty soon he’ll open up a mini car wash of his own and that’ll be how he makes his first dollar!  But the cars will probably only be clean from the window level and down…. ;-)

Trip to Wisconsin Dells Part II

As promised, here are the remainder of the photos from our Dells trip!  Grandpa Marc came to play with us a bit and enjoyed a nice dinner with us before heading  back home!  We had such a good time in the Dells and are already talking about our trip next year!

I love this picture of Tayden!  If you look closely, you’ll see his mouth is open as he’s super excited to be up this close to the gorilla!

These two photos ^^ were taken the last night we were there in front of the Elephant.  i had the 3 conference attendees jump in for their photo op. too!  (We were headed to the water park – hence the swim trunks!)

And below are the remainder of the pictures from our water park trip!  Grandpa Marc playing with Tayden and me watching!  (Note to self: if you don’t try to keep a smile on your face, you sometimes look upset!  Re: A picture taken of me at our wedding listening to the amazing Jasmine sing our unity candle song and I look so upset when in fact, I was just listening intently and loving every minute of her solo!)

Photo for reference:

Color Run!

This weekend my sisters, Seth and I met some of Traci’s friends up in Minneapolis to do the Color Run! We had such a blast!  Seth and Andrea decided that they would walk with Tayden so Traci and I could run as we kind of wanted to use this run as a mini workout to get us ready for our half marathon next weekend!

Tayden ended up spending lots of time on Seth’s shoulders as 3.2 miles does get tiring!  Andrea and Seth were such good sports to take him with and walk with him since we didn’t initially plan on taking him on the run and I didn’t bring a stroller to push him in!

After the color run we went to get some lunch and then headed back to the hotel to play in the water park!  We stayed at the Radisson in Bloomington so we got to enjoy the “Water Park of America” and it was soooo much fun!  Tayden is starting to become so much more brave in the water.  He went down a few slides and we even did the family tube slide which is a big huge tube that we all sat in and went down!  I think that one actually scared him though!  His favorite was sitting on our laps (which I don’t think was really allowed) and going down the body slides!  And he of course loved the little kid’s slide and become so comfortable with it that he was going down feet first on his tummy!!!  :-)

We didn’t get many pics at the water park since we used up most of our camera batteries at the color run!!

Weekend With Grace

So, my friend Sara had a baby girl a while back so Tayden and I decided we needed to get on up to the cities to visit them!  Grace is so beautiful and just a great baby!  Sara is also taking to the whole Mommy job like a champ!  We had a nice relaxing weekend but were also able to go out to the mall and do some shopping.  I had already forgot how much you have to plan your day around a newborn!  Grace’s eating schedule is still every 3ish hours so we had to take a break to feed her!  They also live right by a park and the weather was nice enough to allow us to walk down to it!  She’s going to LOVE having that park so close as their kids grow up!  It was a blast to be able to spend some time with Sara, Jay and Grace!

Easter 2012

We were lucky because we got to celebrate Easter with both sides of the family.  The weekend before Easter we headed to the farm to be with the Kellers and it was so much fun!  Tayden did his first little Easter egg hunt and did a pretty good job!  Seth’s cousins helped out a little too.  The food and company were amazing!  I always love when the whole family gets together because the cousins always have so much fun playing!  Now that Tayden’s a bit older, he’s able to join in on some of the fun.

Then on Easter weekend, we headed over to Spirit Lake to be with my family and that was fun too!  Tayden had a chance to master the art of opening eggs so he was very excited to find the eggs to see what was inside them.  His favorites were definitely the chocolate filled eggs.  He didn’t much care for the pretzels or goldfish!

My dad is 60!

This weekend we celebrated My Dad’s 60th, Seth’s 29th, and My Dad’s Aunt’s Birthday!  It was great to have family over to the house and celebrate!  We did pulled pork sandwiches, salads, and delicious (if I do say so myself) chocolate cake!  The weather was beautiful as well so all in all, it was a great day!


So, over these past 15 months, it’s taken a while for the animals to get used to Tayden.

Lilly has started spending much more time in the bedroom in her bed or under our bed. So she’s basically always out of sight!

Penny is always on the couch and watching Tayden.  She is either up and out of reach of him or she’s following his every move in anticipation of the next Kix or Cheerio drop or waiting for him to throw her ball.

Emma has created the most problems!  If it weren’t for the immense LOVE that Tayden has for this cat, she would run the risk of being in another home!  She showed her frustration for Tayden by marking her territory in the carpeted basement.  :-(   I found this amazing cleaner that has made it easier to clean, so that’s a plus.  The positive is that Emma is very patient with Tayden.  She lets him love on her and hug her and chase her and doesn’t put up a fight.  All in all, she’s probably the best with Tayden!  If she didn’t pee in my basement, she’d be PERFECT!!

My mom’s dog Dottie is pretty good with Tayden but she is still getting to know him so we watch her closely to make sure she doesn’t get to competitive for our attention with him around!

Sara’s Baby Shower

This weekend we traveled to The Cities to throw Sara a baby shower!  It was a blast and so great to see Sara!  I was able to come up a little early to help her start painting the nursery (I did the grass and helped a bit with the sketching of the fish.  Sara did the rest!  Isn’t it awesome?!?!)

The shower was a success and it was great to see some of our old college friends!  We need to get together more often!  It’s basically just babies and weddings that bring us together anymore.  Tayden was present to show Sara and Jay all of the things they’ll need to prepare for!  He was especially excited to get in to as many things as possible INCLUDING their recycling!

Oreos and Milk

Tayden and I made the trip to Spirit Lake this weekend to spend some time with my mom and family while Seth headed to the farm to celebrate Grandpa Charlie’s 80th Birthday.  Seth had lots of fun getting a taste of what our house is going to be like in 10 years with more than one kid running around as he hung out with all of his little cousins!  Granted, we won’t have 5+ kids of our own, but take our kids and add a few friends and there you go!

Today Tayden ate a great lunch of peas, turkey, cheese, and applesauce so we thought it was ok to give him half of an oreo and he LOVED it!  He didn’t know what to think at first, but that skepticism sure didn’t last long!!

It’s Winter Games weekend here in Spirit Lake so my sisters kept somewhat busy with a few random activities including the Polar Plunge and a Volleyball Tournament.  We brought Tayden to watch Traci play and he LOVED running around the gym in between games!  He had no fear of the other players on the other side of the gym and would have joined their game if they’d have let him!  I sense we have a basketball player on our hands as he loved the court!

                           Future Athlete                              Grandpa Tim’s Hunting Buddy

Sooo Cold!

Aunt Traci was here for a visit to do some shopping and it finally got cold!  We broke out the mittens!  Tayden actually didn’t mind having them on, but they come off quite easily so they didn’t stay on for long!  I think we need in invest in those things that clip the mittens to the coat!