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Ahh busy day

Yippie!  I got here at 7:45 (maybe a little later cuz I was late… I was watching on The Today Show about the Craigslist killer’s fiance and how she is “standing by her man” and wondering if she was nearly as insane as him, so I lost track of time!) and I get to be here until 7:45 tonight.  It’s conferences and they aren’t scheduled so parents are only encouraged to come in, not required.  I’m pretty sure I’ll sit here for most of the night and only talk with a few parents.  That is fine by me though as there are many things I can do in here such as get ready for the Middle School Parade, Get ready for Summer Lessons, Get ready for meeting with the Prospective 5th grade Students, AND in my spare time, I will clean my office!  (heheh)

This weekend marks my first of 4 Bridal showers and I’m planning to give the scrapbook that I’ve been working on for Renee to her.  I only have one page left and I hope to finish it tomorrow night!  It’s feels so good to be done!  I think I’ll take a picture of every page because I wan’t to remember them!  Haha, don’t worry I won’t post them up here!  Maybe i’ll just put a couple of my favorites!

While I’m in the cities partying away with my girlfriends, Seth plans to be in Sioux Falls for his bachelor party.  I’ve told Seth that I’m not too bummed about not being with him as I’m pretty sure his friends are going to get him nice and “happy”.  :)   Sonja, I apologize ahead of time if your husband gets my fiance too drunk and he’s unruly or messy!  But I’m sure that my Sweet Innocent Seth would never let himself go overboard in his partying ways!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now!  38 Days left!  :)