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Spring is here!!!

The snow has finally melted and the kids are so ready for the weather to be nice enough to go out and play!  I am starting to realize that I am going to have to find a happy medium on how much freedom I will give Tayden.  He sees the big kids out there running around and going from place to place, but I am just not ready to allow him to do that!  I fear that will cause some issues as we fall into a system!  Evalyn also thinks she can do what her brother is doing!  At least I can keep her inside the gates of our backyard, so my worry at this point is making sure she doesn’t fall off of the steps for the play set!!!

We have had a busy past month with 2 (yes 2!) trips to Colorado and Easter.  After being away from home for almost 2 weeks in the month of March, we decided we wanted to just be at home for Easter.  We were to happy to celebrate all that Jesus has done for us at our church before my family came to enjoy a nice meal with us afterwards!  I have been singing at the 10:45 service quite a bit so we usually get Tayden to Sunday School at 9:20 and then he’ll come to church with us at 10:45.  It can prove to be a long morning, but he does okay with it! (I mean, as far as 4 year olds go in church… could be better/could be worse!)

Colorado was great!  We skied with Seth’s mom, Todd and Zach while the kiddos stayed at my parent’s house. We stayed right at Copper Mountain and the weather was amazing with fresh powder one day and great ski conditions.  We drove home on a Sunday and then headed back to Colorado to meet Seth’s dad, Sandi, her daughter Allison, and her boyfriend Marty.  Tayden came with this time while Evalyn stayed back with Sheree!  The trip was a bit different this time what with the 4 y/o dynamic!  There wasn’t as much skiing but we definitely enjoyed a beautiful day at the Denver Zoo and took Tayden tubing at Copper Mountain.  We tried to take him skiing but that didn’t go nearly as well as we had hoped!  There’s always next year… or maybe even the year after!  He was really not enjoying the idea of not having control of his feet!!!

It was a busy month and we are finally getting back into the swing of life!  I am taking advantage of my time home with the kids and we spend most mornings at the gym as I’m training for a half marathon (amongst a few other races) this summer.  So I will either bring both kids or just Evalyn (while Tayden is at preschool) with me to the gym so I can do a class or run on the treadmill if I was unable to get a run in the night before.  This South Dakota weather is just frustrating!  It’s either cold or so stinking windy and I’m just a wimp when it comes to running in less than 45 degrees or more than 20mph winds!  I usually take a Tuesday or Thursday off to get groceries in the morning while Tay is at preschool since bringing both kids with me to the store is just not as easy!

Just a perspective – this is a typical day in our house!
6:20/6:40 Tayden and Seth wake up.  Tayden will watch a cartoon while Seth showers and gets ready for work.  I really wish I was a morning person as I’d love to be the wifey who gets up before the family and makes breakfast and coffee for everyone but I’m just not… not sure if I ever will be!!!

7:15/7:30 Evalyn will wake up.  This usually happens just as Seth is leaving and I’m getting up.  I will fix the kids breakfast and we’ll either get ready for preschool or to go to the gym/grocery store.  Out the door by 8:45/9.

11:45 get back home from errands or picking Tayden up from preschool and prepare lunch.  The kids will usually play upstairs or out in the backyard while I fix something.

1:15/1:30 would be nap time for Evalyn and rest time for Tayden.  Evalyn is still a great napper and Tayden will probably only nap 3 out of the 7 days!  He always has to take a rest though!  I use this time to quick clean the toys and kitchen.  I will then throw a load or two of laundry in, maybe grab a shower, mop/sweep, fold laundry, change bedding, clean the bathroom… but not all in one day!  Before I know it, it’s 3:30 and I may have been able to catch a 30 min break to actually sit down to fold a sock or two and start an episode of The Voice, Grey’s Anatomy, DWTS, or Scandal when the kids wake up (or get tired of reading books or watching a movie on the ipad).  We then play/read/puzzle/bike until …

4:30/5 I will start supper so it’s ready around 5:45 for when Seth gets home!

I teach lessons one night and if I sing on Sunday will go to Worship Practice another night.

7:00 baths

7:30 books

7:45 Eva in bed

7:45 Tayden in bed but his witching hour is just getting started so if he’s napped, he may play or sing or talk or read or…. for another 45 minutes.  If he hasn’t napped, he may fight bedtime and be really cranky and demanding and stubborn for another 45 minutes until he passes out. :-)   We cannot always guess how it will go!  Tonight he was super tired and went to sleep right away, we lucked out!

10/11 is our bedtime!

Anyway, that’s enough for now.  Here are a few pictures of the past few adventures!!!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

We went bowling!

First trip to Colorado with The Kellers!

Back in CO with Tayden!

Ready to ski ... or not!

Family Tubing!!

Learning how to play pool with Grandpa Marc

Headed home with a Tiger for Eva!

Dying Eggs!


He LOVED coloring the eggs!

She's taking over the lawn mower this year!

God blessed me with a girl just so I have someone's hair to beautify!

Lucky and Blessed!

It’s almost February!!!

So much has happened in the past few months!  Thanksgiving was spent at the farm and it was a great time!  There was turkey, pie, 4 wheelers, and dune racers!  Christmas came and went, as it does; and we were super busy!  We all came down with Influenza 2 weeks before the holiday so that made trying to do all of the traditional baking a bit difficult!! We finally felt better to celebrate Christmas at the Farm the week before Christmas, do some baking and then head to Spirit Lake on Christmas Day after Santa came!

We celebrated the beginning of the year when my great college friend Amber and her kiddos came to visit for a few days while Kris, her husband was off on a retreat!  It was so nice to see her and let the kids play together!  There were 6 kids under one roof and it honestly felt like we were cooking, cleaning, cooking, fighting naps, cooking, cleaning, and then crashing!  It was a blast!

Now it’s almost February and I don’t know where the time has gone!  Evalyn is almost 19 months old!  She is such blessing!  We are definitely noticing the difference between a girl toddler and the way Tayden was when he was younger!

Here’s a bit about Evalyn:
*Still doesn’t talk much
*Yet she has occasional days where she will say 10+ words followed by a day with no words!
*She will point to the radio so I turn the music on so she can dance!
*LOVES Duplo blocks and will stack and re-stack them for extended periods of time!
*Loves My Little Pony and will seek out her stuffed animals when we turn an episode on.
*I just weaned her from nursing in the morning and we are now down to only nursing at bedtime :-(
*Tries to dress herself and will take socks and shoes off and put them back on repeatedly
*Helps me sweep, mop, feed puppies, dust, etc…
*Favorite foods are: PB&J, Mac N Cheese, Yogurt, Chicken Nuggets, Fruit, … normal toddler food and not much more!  My great eater kind of turned into a picky toddler – bummer!!

*She is generally a happy and energetic little girl who loves her brother SO much!  We thank God every day for her!

Tayden the 4 YEAR OLD!
*Is doing great in Preschool.  He’s making friends and looks forward to going on Tuesdays and Thursdays!
*He is Super into Legos!  He doesn’t quite build things just yet, but loves to play with the things that we have built for him!
*Loves Transformers and Autobots!
*He would go ride his bike or scooter every day if it wasn’t too cold outside!
*Still refuses to dress himself and would be perfectly content to run around in his undies all day long!
*He is starting to recognize letters!  He can pick out a letter that goes with a name or word!  Ex. “this Q is for the word Queen!”
*Is starting to be more respectful of Evalyn’s personal space and doesn’t always need to be pulling her over and hugging her!!
*He is still super picky and could honestly go a day without eating a meal!!!

As far as life goes, we are keeping busy here!

Entertaining a new Kitten!

Getting excited for 2 ski trips in March!

Here are a few pics of the past few months!

Celebrating my Birthday


Tayden turned 4!

My Grandparents came over on Christmas Eve!

Matching Jammies!

Bonding while shopping!

With Amber and Ava

I'm surprised the matching mittens aren't on too!

Meet Princess Luna Stormtrooper McQueen the 3rd! (Luna for short)

Easter 2012

We were lucky because we got to celebrate Easter with both sides of the family.  The weekend before Easter we headed to the farm to be with the Kellers and it was so much fun!  Tayden did his first little Easter egg hunt and did a pretty good job!  Seth’s cousins helped out a little too.  The food and company were amazing!  I always love when the whole family gets together because the cousins always have so much fun playing!  Now that Tayden’s a bit older, he’s able to join in on some of the fun.

Then on Easter weekend, we headed over to Spirit Lake to be with my family and that was fun too!  Tayden had a chance to master the art of opening eggs so he was very excited to find the eggs to see what was inside them.  His favorites were definitely the chocolate filled eggs.  He didn’t much care for the pretzels or goldfish!

My dad is 60!

This weekend we celebrated My Dad’s 60th, Seth’s 29th, and My Dad’s Aunt’s Birthday!  It was great to have family over to the house and celebrate!  We did pulled pork sandwiches, salads, and delicious (if I do say so myself) chocolate cake!  The weather was beautiful as well so all in all, it was a great day!

Tandyn’s (not to be confused with Tayden) Birthday Party

Today we headed over to the Peterson’s house to celebrate Tandyn’s 2nd birthday.  It was so much fun!  Tayden loves playing with Tandyn and Tollin and Seth and I enjoy the company of Kwen and Lacey!  Tandyn made out with some pretty sweet gifts and I think we can say that this was definitely a transformer and car/train themed party!  The food was great and so was the company!

Unfortunately, I only got pictures of them eating the cupcakes but as you can see – they LOVED them!  Tayden is still perfecting the art of getting his food into his mouth on his own!  :-)

Valentine’s Day

We had a great Valentine’s Day together as a family!  I made salmon, peas and rice with homemade Chocolate pudding, homemade whipped cream and strawberries!  Seth and I loved the meal but Tayden’s favorite was definitely the pudding!  Who’da thunk that 3 years ago we would have preferred to stay in as a little family and chill as opposed to going out for a nice fancy dinner!  We loved it and wouldn’t have it any other way!

Christmas is finally here!!!

We had a great Christmas this year!  The weather made travel very easy therefore less stressful on all of us!  We headed to my parents’ house for Christmas Eve and then came back to Sioux Falls on Christmas Day to celebrate with Seth’s Aunts, Uncles, and Grandma before going over to be with my Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents.  We then hosted Seth’s family on the day after Christmas at our house where I served a roast dinner.  It was busy, but fun!  Seth may not have thought it was as relaxing as he would have liked it to be, but not many Christmases are super relaxing, are they?  :/

Here are a few photos that were captured throughout the holiday.  I wish I was better at taking pictures, but alas, I didn’t get any of us at our extended families or when Seth’s family was here.  It usually turns out that my camera is taken from me while I’m home, thus we get some good pics!

Tayden helped Grandma and Grandpa with the dishes after dessert.

The Lights in Pierre

This past weekend we met Seth’s mom Sheree, Grandma Marilyn and his two cousins Tatiana and Lauren in Pierre to see the beautiful Christmas Trees at the Capitol.  I didn’t really know what to expect and they were awesome!  There were so many trees to take in!  Each tree is decorated by a group that applies early on in the year.  We saw so many different themes ranging from Narnia (See family picture) to one dedicated to the flood relief workers.  There is one BEAUTIFUL tree that is in the center of the Capitol building and I was amazed they were even able to get it in!  According to Andy, it is definitely a process!  I got a few ideas for what I may want to try for my tree next year! Thankfully our dear friend Andy Ogan brought us back to the Capitol later that night to give us a guided tour so we could take in even more!

The Grandmas and cousins took Tayden to an Italian dinner while Seth and I hung with Andy.  We drove around to see the effects the flood left on the town before we sat down to enjoy a great meal (as always) at Cattleman’s where we also met Andy’s parents (who are incredibly nice) who just happened to be dining there as well!!  Then we followed up dinner with a smith and kerns at Andy’s house with great conversation before we called it a night.

I’m so glad we decided to make the trip out to Pierre as it definitely put us in the Christmas spirit!


This year I am definitely realizing why they say that Holidays are for our children!  I love watching Tayden explore the lights of our Christmas tree and play with the ornaments (until I moved them up one by one to the top half of the tree)!  As Tayden grows older, I look forward to sharing some of the traditions Seth and I grew up with as well as starting new ones.  To me, Christmas is all about family and being grateful for what you have.  I hope Tayden grows up to believe the same.  When it comes to Christmas, I will always be a child at heart. :)

Tayden’s Birthday Party

After some planning, we’ve finally gotten through Tayden’s first Birthday Party!  It was a blast!  (Seth did not agree as he was finishing up the basement and helping me with random chores round the house though!)  We had so many great friends and family come help us celebrate!  I think Tayden was a bit overwhelmed with all the people, but he had tons of fun with the kids in the basement.  So much fun, in fact that I had to open all of his presents for him!  He had his two balls from his Spider-Man Ball Pit in his hands for most of the afternoon.

We actually had a hard time getting him to smile for many of the photos so here is what we came up with!

As you can see, that Spider Man Ball Pit was a hit!

Throughout the evening, however, Tayden did get a bit grumpy.  I think it was due to lack of sleep but he was just too excited to play with everyone to actually sleep.  The only thing that could keep Tayden happy for the longest time was his Aunt Andrea’s cell phone!  “It’s ok, he can ruin it, I have a spare at home!”  – Andrea

Who has a spare droid at home?!?!?

Apparently Andrea does!  Well we finally got Tayden settled down and he laid in his crib and viewed his constellations on the wall from his Sleep Turtle while drifting off to sleep to dream about Push Tractors, Ball Pits, Toy Zoos, Fun Books, New Clothes/Shoes, and Cars!  Phew!  He had a busy day!