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Spring is here!!!

The snow has finally melted and the kids are so ready for the weather to be nice enough to go out and play!  I am starting to realize that I am going to have to find a happy medium on how much freedom I will give Tayden.  He sees the big kids out there running around and going from place to place, but I am just not ready to allow him to do that!  I fear that will cause some issues as we fall into a system!  Evalyn also thinks she can do what her brother is doing!  At least I can keep her inside the gates of our backyard, so my worry at this point is making sure she doesn’t fall off of the steps for the play set!!!

We have had a busy past month with 2 (yes 2!) trips to Colorado and Easter.  After being away from home for almost 2 weeks in the month of March, we decided we wanted to just be at home for Easter.  We were to happy to celebrate all that Jesus has done for us at our church before my family came to enjoy a nice meal with us afterwards!  I have been singing at the 10:45 service quite a bit so we usually get Tayden to Sunday School at 9:20 and then he’ll come to church with us at 10:45.  It can prove to be a long morning, but he does okay with it! (I mean, as far as 4 year olds go in church… could be better/could be worse!)

Colorado was great!  We skied with Seth’s mom, Todd and Zach while the kiddos stayed at my parent’s house. We stayed right at Copper Mountain and the weather was amazing with fresh powder one day and great ski conditions.  We drove home on a Sunday and then headed back to Colorado to meet Seth’s dad, Sandi, her daughter Allison, and her boyfriend Marty.  Tayden came with this time while Evalyn stayed back with Sheree!  The trip was a bit different this time what with the 4 y/o dynamic!  There wasn’t as much skiing but we definitely enjoyed a beautiful day at the Denver Zoo and took Tayden tubing at Copper Mountain.  We tried to take him skiing but that didn’t go nearly as well as we had hoped!  There’s always next year… or maybe even the year after!  He was really not enjoying the idea of not having control of his feet!!!

It was a busy month and we are finally getting back into the swing of life!  I am taking advantage of my time home with the kids and we spend most mornings at the gym as I’m training for a half marathon (amongst a few other races) this summer.  So I will either bring both kids or just Evalyn (while Tayden is at preschool) with me to the gym so I can do a class or run on the treadmill if I was unable to get a run in the night before.  This South Dakota weather is just frustrating!  It’s either cold or so stinking windy and I’m just a wimp when it comes to running in less than 45 degrees or more than 20mph winds!  I usually take a Tuesday or Thursday off to get groceries in the morning while Tay is at preschool since bringing both kids with me to the store is just not as easy!

Just a perspective – this is a typical day in our house!
6:20/6:40 Tayden and Seth wake up.  Tayden will watch a cartoon while Seth showers and gets ready for work.  I really wish I was a morning person as I’d love to be the wifey who gets up before the family and makes breakfast and coffee for everyone but I’m just not… not sure if I ever will be!!!

7:15/7:30 Evalyn will wake up.  This usually happens just as Seth is leaving and I’m getting up.  I will fix the kids breakfast and we’ll either get ready for preschool or to go to the gym/grocery store.  Out the door by 8:45/9.

11:45 get back home from errands or picking Tayden up from preschool and prepare lunch.  The kids will usually play upstairs or out in the backyard while I fix something.

1:15/1:30 would be nap time for Evalyn and rest time for Tayden.  Evalyn is still a great napper and Tayden will probably only nap 3 out of the 7 days!  He always has to take a rest though!  I use this time to quick clean the toys and kitchen.  I will then throw a load or two of laundry in, maybe grab a shower, mop/sweep, fold laundry, change bedding, clean the bathroom… but not all in one day!  Before I know it, it’s 3:30 and I may have been able to catch a 30 min break to actually sit down to fold a sock or two and start an episode of The Voice, Grey’s Anatomy, DWTS, or Scandal when the kids wake up (or get tired of reading books or watching a movie on the ipad).  We then play/read/puzzle/bike until …

4:30/5 I will start supper so it’s ready around 5:45 for when Seth gets home!

I teach lessons one night and if I sing on Sunday will go to Worship Practice another night.

7:00 baths

7:30 books

7:45 Eva in bed

7:45 Tayden in bed but his witching hour is just getting started so if he’s napped, he may play or sing or talk or read or…. for another 45 minutes.  If he hasn’t napped, he may fight bedtime and be really cranky and demanding and stubborn for another 45 minutes until he passes out. :-)   We cannot always guess how it will go!  Tonight he was super tired and went to sleep right away, we lucked out!

10/11 is our bedtime!

Anyway, that’s enough for now.  Here are a few pictures of the past few adventures!!!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

We went bowling!

First trip to Colorado with The Kellers!

Back in CO with Tayden!

Ready to ski ... or not!

Family Tubing!!

Learning how to play pool with Grandpa Marc

Headed home with a Tiger for Eva!

Dying Eggs!


He LOVED coloring the eggs!

She's taking over the lawn mower this year!

God blessed me with a girl just so I have someone's hair to beautify!

Lucky and Blessed!

Tayden the goofball

We had the opportunity to watch the neighbor boy Alex a today because his mom was at a meeting at his big sister’s school so what do you think we did?  We made Halloween cupcakes, of course!  The boys were so excited to help make them too!  I think the hardest part for them was waiting for the cupcakes to bake and cool!  Tayden kept coming up every 3 minutes asking if they were done yet so they could frost them!  I finally had to explain to him that if he keeps coming up to ask me that question, I’ll never get the frosting made for them to decorate the cupcakes with!  :-)

Making the cupcakes

Tayden’s friend Alex is quite picky so when I gave the boys the beaters so they could lick the batter off, he wasn’t quite sure he wanted to try it!

Checking the recipe

After the cupcakes were baked and cooled, I had the audacity to make the boys eat lunch!  Can you imagine how hard that was?!  Who wants chicken nuggets and *gasp* veggies when they can have a freshly frosted cupcake?!  Haha!! Unfortunately, I never got a picture of the boys frosting and devouring their cupcakes but I did manage to snap one of Evalyn testing hers out before she smeared the frosting all over her face and high chair!

Once Alex left with his cupcakes to share with his family, it was time for us to clean up.  Of course we had to do some laundry and Tayden finally figured out that he can be a great helper when it comes to laundry.  I’m so glad…

And with that folks, I’m headed off to the store to grab a gourmet cupcake.  I hear Hy Vee has some delicious ones!

Hi Again!

I see that I haven’t updated my blog for quite some time!  A lot has happened since then! I think the most obvious change is that our family has increased by one!  Evalyn Olivia has most definitely made our lives much more exciting, and as of late, busy!  I definitely embrace the saying that once they start walking, there is no stopping them!

Tayden is doing great too!  He starts preschool next week and is looking forward to it.  Seth and I are a bit nervous as he is a very ‘energetic’ boy and loves to express his feelings, loudly. :-)  It should be good for him though as he will be able to learn new things and socialize with other kids his age.  He will be attending Peace Lutheran preschool; it’s coincidentally where I went when my family lived here before we moved to Spirit Lake!  It’s hard to believe he’s already preschool age!  My little baby is growing up!


Well, there you have it!  A quick little update on the kiddos!  I would like to try to keep this blog more up to date, so we’ll see how that goes!  Here’s to a new type of school year for me as it’s the first of many with my children attending!

Tayden’s Grandparents are Awesome!

If we haven’t mentioned how lucky we are to have such wonderful parents, then we will do it now!  Grandma and Grandpa Smook, Grandma and Grandpa Keller and Grandpa Larson are so amazingly wonderful to Tayden and they spoil him with their love every day.  He’s so excited to see each and every one of them and he loves them to pieces!  I’m pretty sure he is always more excited to hang out with them than he is his boring old mom!

So this blog is a tribute to the wonderfulness of Seth and my parents!

Below is from My Parent’s House in Spirit Lake.

Below is from time spent on Grandma and Grandpa Keller’s Farm in Twin Brooks!  I don’t have many good pictures of Grandpa Todd so I’ll have to add some at a later time.  But there is a picture of Great Grandma Marilyn in there!

To the left is from time spent with Grandpa Marc.  We don’t get to see him as often since he lives in Janesville, WI.  The top picture was taken at Big Stone Lake while Marc and Sandy were staying in Seth’s Uncle (Marc’s Brother) Mike’s cabin.  This was a day before a tornado swept through the area and basically took out the cabin.  I’ve never been so close to a tornado’s destruction in my life and I can say that I never care to again!

And just to prove how special Grandpas are, below is my dad teaching Tayden how to wash cars!  Pretty soon he’ll open up a mini car wash of his own and that’ll be how he makes his first dollar!  But the cars will probably only be clean from the window level and down…. ;-)

1st Annual (hopefully) vacation/conference in The Dells!

This was a last minute decision for us, but it ended up that Tayden and I were able to join Seth and his two coworkers Tyler and Jackson on their trip to the Wisconsin Dells for a Conference.  I’m so glad we did!  We got to stay at the Kalahari Resort which is one that you drive by and wonder how much fun it would be to actually stay there!  Well it’s just that fun!  There are so many things to do and we weren’t even able to begin to do them all as Tayden was still a bit too young.

We were able to do the indoor and outdoor water park though.  Only one of the days seemed to be warm enough to go outside as the water out there is REALLY cold and Tayden wasn’t too fond of that!  The thing we noticed, however, was that there was a lot of spraying water on most of the kid’s slides and Tayden still isn’t over his fear of water splashing in his face so it did prove to be a bit of a challenge to get him up the steps and down a slide.  We did find one part of the park entitled “Tiko’s Watering Hole” that Tayden liked.  Seth and I had a chance to take Tayden down a few family slides and he LOVED that but time was limited so we only got to do those a few times!  Maybe we can try tonight as Grandpa Marc will be joining us at the park!

I was starting to get a bit sad at the fact that I was just able to watch people go down the slides while chasing Tayden and never really able to go down them myself until Jackson volunteered to watch Tayden so Seth and I could go play!  The park stayed open until 1:30 AM one night so the conference attendees and their families could go enjoy it.  And enjoy it, we did!  There is this slide affectionately known as the toilet bowl where you go through a covered tube and then into this huge bowl and you “swirl” down and fall through a big hole at the bottom.  The pool under the hole is 9+ feet deep!  I tried it and it was pretty fun but I only had the guts to do it once because it kind of hurt my back and man was I really disoriented after I fell into the water!!!  Seth did it a couple of times and then he was gutsy enough to do the plunge!  You go up to the tippy top of this slide and stand in this capsule and then the bottom falls from under your feet and you fall vertically!  Crazy Crazy slide!!!

The food here is also really good but tends to be super spendy so we (Tayden and I) are eating in our room as much as we can and trying not to get too jealous of daddy eating all of that nummy food at the conference!

Hopefully we can grab a few more pics tonight of how much fun we have been having!

Color Run!

This weekend my sisters, Seth and I met some of Traci’s friends up in Minneapolis to do the Color Run! We had such a blast!  Seth and Andrea decided that they would walk with Tayden so Traci and I could run as we kind of wanted to use this run as a mini workout to get us ready for our half marathon next weekend!

Tayden ended up spending lots of time on Seth’s shoulders as 3.2 miles does get tiring!  Andrea and Seth were such good sports to take him with and walk with him since we didn’t initially plan on taking him on the run and I didn’t bring a stroller to push him in!

After the color run we went to get some lunch and then headed back to the hotel to play in the water park!  We stayed at the Radisson in Bloomington so we got to enjoy the “Water Park of America” and it was soooo much fun!  Tayden is starting to become so much more brave in the water.  He went down a few slides and we even did the family tube slide which is a big huge tube that we all sat in and went down!  I think that one actually scared him though!  His favorite was sitting on our laps (which I don’t think was really allowed) and going down the body slides!  And he of course loved the little kid’s slide and become so comfortable with it that he was going down feet first on his tummy!!!  :-)

We didn’t get many pics at the water park since we used up most of our camera batteries at the color run!!

Tayden’s First Car

I imagine that before I know it he will actually be getting into his actual first car, so I figure I should probably document as much of this as I can now because I’m sure I’ll be pressed to remember it in 15 years when we are wishing we could just go ahead and get him a car like this again!

He was quite confused as to why we were laughing at him!  He thought it was good and ready to drive the way it was!!

Tayden is a superhero!

And he knows it!

Animal Crackers

Tayden knows how to get the most of what he wants!  He’s a quick learner!  Good thing I just vacuumed!

Tandyn’s (not to be confused with Tayden) Birthday Party

Today we headed over to the Peterson’s house to celebrate Tandyn’s 2nd birthday.  It was so much fun!  Tayden loves playing with Tandyn and Tollin and Seth and I enjoy the company of Kwen and Lacey!  Tandyn made out with some pretty sweet gifts and I think we can say that this was definitely a transformer and car/train themed party!  The food was great and so was the company!

Unfortunately, I only got pictures of them eating the cupcakes but as you can see – they LOVED them!  Tayden is still perfecting the art of getting his food into his mouth on his own!  :-)