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We went on Vacation!

For the third year in a row we headed to The Dells as a family so Seth could attend That Conference. While we played at the Kalahari water park, Seth would network and attend sessions (and occasionally meet up with us for a trip or two around the lazy river and a ride down the water slide).  We were lucky enough that my mom was able to come with to help out with the kids which was so great because then one of us could stay back with Evalyn while she napped and the other could go out to play with Tayden.  We also met up with one of my college friends, Renee and her two boys Jackson and Max as well as Seth’s Dad and Sandi.  That’s what so great about our little vacation in The Dells!  We have family and friends so close!  Each year it also gets to be more fun because the kids are older and able to enjoy the rides more!  Tayden even finally realized that when you put tokens into a machine, you can actually play the game!

Evalyn, our sweet little 13 month old baby girl is FEARLESS!  She went up and down the slides without abandon and got water in her face like nobody’s business.  We were so proud of her as Tayden cried during his baths up until – who am I kidding, he may still cry if he gets too much water in his eyes! (Sorry, these pics are blurry – they were the best we got!)












There was a day where the local zoo brought animals in for the kids to pet and Tayden loved that!  He was up in the front the majority of the time (unless he was following the tortoise around) trying to pet the animals and listening to what the zookeepers were saying!  It was adorable!  It just reminded to him that he really did want a fox birthday cake!  It seems to be all he can talk about whenever his birthday is brought up!

Petting the tiger

Grandma Barb and Evalyn

Makin' music on the tree!

Our trip to The Dells sure was a fun one and we cherish all of the memories we made!  There were water slides, lazy rivers, dippin’ dots, pizzas, musical turtles, hot plates meals, cool neighbors, vanilla lattes, tigers, beach balls and so many more! We look forward to our 4th annual trip next year!  Tayden’s wish is to take a Duck Boat tour!

Underwater swimmer

Tayden got an owie

Eva and Petey Boy

Renee and her boys!

Milky Way!

Today we decided to jump on our bikes and head on over to the Milky Way.  :-)  Tayden successfully got his strawberry ice cream all down the front of him to make the trip feel 100% validated!  I was also reminded why my parents never let us get the dipped cones in the middle of the summer as I too made a big mess!

All in all, the trip was a blast and we look forward to many more to come!  I love summer!

Here we go again, I think!

Well, last week I made the decision to start running again for real – I think!  My sister(s) and I took a look at some area races and decided on the ones that we feel comfortable running.  The final one is a half marathon!  My goal is to run another half marathon before I let my body be taken over again by another little parasite (otherwise known as a baby).

The next step is to actually sign up for the race! I’m hoping that since we have a plan, it’ll give me the ambition to run again.  I’ve been running off and on since I had Tayden and I even ran a couple of 5k’s but it was basically just for fun and I trained for like 2 or 3 weeks prior.  If I want to run another half, I think I’m going to have to train for longer than 2 or 3 weeks!

I’ve put my Nike+ widget back up on my blog to give me some accountability!  Wish me luck!!

4th of July

We had a great 4th of July weekend!  Full of FABULOUS Food, Family and Fun!  We did lots of boating, some swimming, tons of eating, and even a little bit of drinking!  (Tayden did not partake in the drinking activities though!)

Tayden is getting great at eating his solid foods as you can see in the picture here.  He just finished his meal of Sweet Potatoes and Rice Cereal and not much of a mess at all was made!  He has his beach hat on and is ready to head to the beach!

Tayden’s response to the beach?  He didn’t know what to think at first but after getting used to it, he loved sitting in the sand and letting the waves hit his feet!   Of course we had to watch him very closely because the sand found it’s way to his mouth very easily!  We took him out in the water and he did pretty well there too!  He did tire out pretty quickly though so he wound up back in the shade to chill out while the rest of us rested as well before heading back home for some more fine dining from Grandma Barb’s Grill!

Tayden got to watch his first fireworks display over Big Spirit on the Clayton’s dock and they did a very good job at keeping his attention!  He didn’t seem to get scared at all! We had such a great weekend and can’t wait for next year’s 4th of July so Tayden can experience even more festivities!


New Haircut!

So I got a haircut last week and this is the result!  I had to go back in after the first time because I figured that if i was going to do something somewhat drastic with my hair by chopping a lot of it off, I wanted it to look a little bit funky.  It basically looked like a “bob” after the first time.  So I went back and had her add more layers and wanted to have her make it look more ‘chunky’.


So tonight I had to decide between posting a blog and putting pictures up on Facebook.  I did the latter, and I’m sorry.  I hope to do a nice post about what has happend to my life in thd past month, but am now tired and ready to not be looking at a computer screen anymore.  (Not quite sure how you men do that all day long and then come home and do it all night…) but anyway, I’m off to bed as I have another fun filled day of lessons tomorrow!  But keep tuned as you will all be blessed with a nice juicy blog soon enough!

Don’t let me…

Those of you who still know me when I’m 50 and 60 etc… If I’m still teaching-please don’t allow me to wear sweaters with animals or apples or seasonal pictures on them.  K, thanks!

Busy week!

I find that the more i try to create some free time, the less free time I have!  I’ve been trying super hard to find time to work out most nights of the week and have ended up finding 1 or 2 nights these past couple of weeks!  The whole treadmill at home thing would be wonderful in the winter as when it’s 8pm and I don’t want to go outside in the cold and would rather stay in to watch my shows, I would definitely use my treadmill.  Maybe that’ll be and after the wedding purchase!

Last night we had some friends over to dinner and it was a really good time!  Before I knew it, it was 9:45 and we were all still talking and enjoying our wine!  That being said, I missed American Idol and I didn’t see it on Tuesday, so I’ll have a lot of catching up to do!  Can’t do it tonight as there is a choir concert that I need to be at!  So add tonight’s shows to the list of things to watch and I’ve got a full 7 or 8 hours of tv to catch up on!  And we’ll be gone this weekend!

Speaking of which, I’m sorry to all of Seth’s friends about us not being able to attend the Watchmen Viewing.  :(   Seth told me very adamantly that he wanted to go to Spirit Lake to get some more wedding things done such as finalizing who our florist will be and speaking with the Priest about music for the ceremony.  I asked him if he was sure…and he said “Yes honey, I think it’s very important.”  So as much as I would love to meet you all in Sioux Falls to go to the movie, my fiance has me in Spirit Lake doing tedious wedding planning stuff.  ;)  

AND the wedding is officially less than a 100 days away and I’m getting very excited!!!

Peace Out


The fact that I decided to give my friend Renee a scrapbook for her wedding was the starting point.  The fact that Sonja scrapbooks as well just added to my addiction!!!  I would definitely say that scrapbooking is what I enjoy to do in my free time.  I’ve found myself looking forward to free nights so I can keep working on it.  The only bad thing is – there isn’t really a good scrapbooking store here in Marshall.  Therefore I end up with things that I’m only partly happy with and can’t really fix them until I get to a real store that has better things.  I’ve just recently decided that owning the “cricut” is something that would be very beneficial to my scrapbooking ‘habit’.  They are pretty expensive, but I definitely see it as the gift that keeps on giving!  haha and you have to keep buying cartridges so it’s something that can continuously be added to throughout the years.

That’s all I have as far as this post goes.  I’m addicted to scrapbooking…

Our Registry!

Seth and I have officially registered for our gifts and per request, here are the links to the places we registered at.


Bed Bath and Beyond