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Ready Set Go!

So today was a fairly relaxing day.  Consisting of some cleaning, working out, and practicing my clarinet.  I’ve committed to playing a solo at the small group concert in two weeks so I suppose I better practice so I don’t make a fool out of myself.  :)

Yesterday Seth and I headed to Mankato to watch Traci run at her indoor track meet.  She did great and plans to do even better at her next meet.  I think she’s getting super psyched for outdoor season as that’s what she really excels in.  :)   After her meet we went to eat at Olive Garden.  My meal was just fabulous!  I love that place.  I’m usually always impressed with my meal from there.  On Friday, I had a good meal too!  Seth, Wes (a guy I work with) and I went to eat at Hunan Lion, a Chinese Restaurant and my meal from there was amazing too!  I had a hard time deciding what leftovers to eat today!  Then after we ate our Chinese, we went to the movie Taken and I was impressed!  Now I want to see He’s Just Not That Into You, but I don’t know if I’ll get Seth to go to that with me!


Well, I’m not sure about Seth, but I had a great time this past weekend!  We registered for our wedding gifts.  We decided to do Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, and Younkers.  Let me tell you a bit about our experience!!  :)   We found our fine china and silver as well as a few other gadgets and cooking supplies Younkers.  It’s probably a bit spendy, but it’s what we liked the best, so I suppose we are prepared to only recieve half of the place settings!!  Then to Bed Bath and Beyond…I think we had the best luck there.  If there weren’t things that we thought we needed there I just told myself that it would be at Target… I was mistaken.  I wasn’t too impressed with the Sioux Falls Target when it came to registering for gifts from there.  So after we got done, I went home and tried to find some more things online as I felt like the majority of the things we registered for were either super cheap or somewhat spendy.  I had some luck!  But then I found many things that said they were only available onine…and I registered for them ANYWAY!  :)

Those of you who are reading this may just possibly be internet saavy… so if that is the case and you plan to purchase something of a present for Seth and I… I would suggest doing the online thing so the nice 80 year old ladies don’t have to buy us blender after blender!!!  And if you don’t plan to partake in the festivities,..then disregard this post!!!

Now, I shall go be productive and teach some band lessons!  Ah, 5th graders. 

Man, am I sore!

So with all of the snow that we’ve been getting lately here in Marshall, I’ve been getting quite a workout!  Seth will go out there and make the shoveling look so easy so when I try to pick up his big shovel and do it the way he does, I fail miserably!  So I pick up my little plastic push shovel and push the snow to the side!  Now, don’t think I don’t get the job done because I do!  But it just takes me twice as long!  haha

Anyway, tonight when I decided to participate in the cardio kickboxing class at the Y, I thought I’d do ok as my arms are pretty buff from my shoveling and well, I think I’m in decent shape when it comes to cardio.  HAHA, not really!  I’m so hurting right now!  I had a hard time holding my sandwich up to my mouth to eat dinner tonight!!  We worked every part of our bodies!  I think my legs will be the only part of my body that don’t hurt!  We worked our cores and our arms SO much!  I do plan to keep this up with my running though so come June, my body will be in super shape for my wedding dress!

So Sonja, if I start to lag behind in my running, that’s because I’m alternating and not running every night, like I thought I may!  :)

Alright Peace Out!
Time to continue my watching of American Idol! 

I like food…

So the school had some extra money that was to be used for the health and wellness aspect of the budget so we were all encouraged to sign up for a time to get our blood drawn to test our cholesterol levels, blood sugar, etc.  Basically to see if we are healthy.  We had to fast the night prior and until we had our test done.  Let me tell you, I had my blood drawn at 8 this morning and those two hours before my apt. were brutal.  I like my breakfast!  Don’t get me wrong, my breakfast is usually an apple, some oatmeal that I eat in my car (because I don’t give myself enough time to eat it at home, so it’s usually cold by the time I get to school because it’s cold outside), or dry cereal…but it’s still food and it makes my tummy feel better in the morning and it helps to wake me up!

It’ll be interesting to see what the results are.  I’d like to think I’m healthy, but the Lord knows I could definitely eat better.  I’ll usually eat my guilty pleasure foods with the thought that I’m working out today, so it’s ok!  It should probably be that I eat healthy so I can reap the rewards of my runs, but I like food too much.  :(   The unhealthy food that is, like pasta and pizza and cheetos…

So here’s to good results on my blood test and my goal for a better diet to actually see and feel the results of my running and excersicing. 

5 months and counting!

So yesterday marked the “we have 5 months until our wedding” day. I’m not super stressed. I feel like we’re getting things done slowly but surely. We haven’t come to the conclusion on who we want to go through for the cake yet. I just talked to a super nice lady today. Maybe she’s the one! She seems as though she’d be pretty cheap, but that has me a bit leary as maybe she doesn’t do cakes as well. We’ll see.
I’m also still thinking about the flowers. I have ideas but nothing is set in stone. I think that’s about how quite a few of the plans are for the decorations. I have ideas, but nothing is exact yet. Is that bad?
The dresses for my bridesmaids should be in this month. That will be fun. I hope they look good. None of them got to try it on as nobody carried the design that I liked so we just had to hope that it was a good fit for everyone. I plan to purchase the accent sash as the designer didn’t make the color I wanted so I’ll have to get the fabric and sew it. Yippie! :) If you know me, you may know that I don’t even know how to run a sewing machine. This is something that I should probably change before having kids huh?

Alright, enough wedding talk. :) HOWEVER, if you are reading this and haven’t booked a room yet for the reception, you should do so soon before all the rooms are gone. I guess there is a soccer tourney in the lakes area the weekend of the wedding and they are booking out many of the rooms!
The number is 712-332-2113 and their website is

Happy Tuesday!

It’s a new year!

Well, After ringing in the new year with my baby sister Traci and Seth, I was able to bring myself back to the world of the living around 3pm today.  :)   Just a headache though.  I seem to have a tolerance of around 3 drinks before I start to realize that if I don’t want to be sick the following day, I need to think water.  I should probably try to work on that a bit prior to the wedding and honeymoon.  ;)

So amidst drinks and a few games of darts, we rang in the New Year around 12:01 as the TV closest to us at the bar was on ESPN and the band didn’t stop playing so we couldn’t hear the other side of the bar count down.  Once we got over the fact that we didn’t get to count down, we both realized that this year is going to be a great one!  We’re going to get married, go to Jamaica… we both have jobs which is something we should be happy about nowadays.  We also have plenty of friends who are starting families so that will be fun to see as well!

On the wedding’s note.  I’ve gotten quite a few things done over my break.  All invites are made, so if someone isn’t on my list now, I’m not sure I can promise an invite as I don’t know as though I’ll be excited about making too many more!  hehe … I’m pretty sure I like the cakes of this bakery but the lady’s prices are about $150 more than the other quote I received from another bakery so now i have to think twice about that!  I think for the most part, I need to confirm on my flowers and the decorations and I pretty much feel like I’m on track with things.  Next on the list is Seth’s picking out the tuxes.  I’m not too familiar with that, so hopefully Seth will have some ideas.  The talk of the guys walking down with swords was made.  My family doesn’t seem to understand why they are needed, but my little ringbearer cousin seemed pretty pumped and I think the thoughts of light sabers and gigantic swords made him even more excited to accompany me down the aisle!

Well, I was going to post some pictures of my life in the past few weeks, but I don’t want to take the time to figure out how to resize them, so we’ll do that later!  :)

Happy New Year!

My dog has fleas

So my mom got a new dog last weekend.  A particularly rambunctious dog.  She doesn’t exactly have a name yet, but I think it’s between Dottie and Isabella.  She’s a chihuahua mixed with rat terrier I think and a bit taller than Lilly.  She barks often.  The best is when she barks in the middle of the night while she is hiding under the covers!  hehe
Well anyway, this dog came home with fleas… something we didn’t know had happened until yesterday when my mother began to find little black things on her dog and then today I found them on mine!  I blame the new dog.
I went home last weekend so our dogs could meet and they were so funny!  This is probably when the flea exchange took place.  They played the entire time which then produced a very tired and scratchy Lilly these past few days! haha

Now I shall make sure Seth is de-flead and we’ll be good to go!  :)

Did we have a weekend?

Here’s a check of my past few days.  Last Friday I think I was in bed around 10 because I’m a boring teacher and that’s what we do.  :|   Then on Saturday I headed to Eden Prairie with the marching band (where we did very well and got 2nd place to Rosemount-which is also a great band).  We then stayed over night in the EP gym.  No, I didn’t get much sleep because after our critique we came back to find the kids all energized after their ‘dance’ that the EP marching band put on for them.  So my bed time was probably 2:30 or so.  I then had to get up at 5:30 as I wanted to shower in peace without having to fight 100+ girls for a shower stall.  So that brings us to Sunday.

On Sunday we went to Menomenie, WI where we swept all the competition away.  :)   We got first overall and we won all the captions for our class which means outstanding drum major, color guard, percussion, wind section…  So anyway, I get home around 10, I think.  Went to bed, then came to school on Monday, which means-weekend= I had none.  :(

Monday=full day of school, me running around like a chicken with my head cut off in between lessons and band to figure out what the hell I’m supposed to do for conferences on Tuesday night as I don’t have reports for the students that I’m supposed to conference with.  How am I supposed to know what grade they are getting in math and science.  And how am I supposed to explain why johnny is getting a D in math?!  I teach BAND!!!! and then after school it’s dinner with Seth because I feel like I haven’t talked to him for like a year and then marching band rehearsal.

Today=Full day, probably much like yesterday.  Oh, and I have to finish my jazz band roster in my free time, so that’ll be interesting as my free time is that 20 minutes I get for lunch.  Hmm, maybe I should be doing my jazz roster now instead of writing this!  Probably…so yes, then I have conferences tonight which means, I don’t get home until 8 and I’ll miss good tv shows I’m sure. 

Alright, was this a long blog?  I think so.  Sorry.  And if you are still reading…I can’t believe I kept you interested for that long! 

My toes!

Well, I’ve been inside for almost a half an hour now and I can almost feel my toes!  Being outside at 6:35 in the morning and staying there for over an hour with the temperature around 40 degress is something that only crazy people do!  Only 2 marching practices left!!!  Yippie!  Then jazz band starts, but that’s inside, so I’m cool with that! 

Well that first part was written about an hour ago.  Now I’m officially all thawed and have given a few crazy lessons.  I tell ya, clarinet players are the goofiest kids!  I wonder if I was a goofball in middle school…I’m sure I wasn’t.  ;)

So they are redoing the roof of the middle school and the part they are working on is right above the music wing.  That means that the office has smelled like stinky tar crap for the past week.  It’s disgusting.  And all of their machinery is blocking the door that I use to come into the building so I have to go all the way around.  Not something I get too excited about when I I’m wearing heels and don’t want to walk forever in the mud!  Now, I’m sure they don’t do this in the summer because it’s probably too hot to do then, but honestly!  It’s gross!

So great TV is on tonight.  Too bad I committed to playing in a band that last for 2hrs and 20 mins and it’s on Thursday nights.  Too bad the band isn’t very good at all and I don’t usually look forward to going!  But next week I won’t go because I’m going to a Josh Gracin concert and the week after that it’s cancelled!  :)   I wish there was a good ensemble here in Marshall to play in… But that’s enough with my music and work talk.  I shall now go occupy my time with work duties that I shouldn’t have to be responsible for, but am.  I just love how we all have to teach to the test so we can pass the test so administration is happy and we get our grant money. 

Who started that whole NoChildLeftBehind Movement?  Oh yeah, it was Bush.

It’s a blog!

As I write this, I am at work and somewhat amazed that I am able to be on this site as most other sites are blocked. Many of the kids coming in today have makeup smeared all over their face as they were asked to dress like a ‘greaser’ from one of their books and what with the rain outside, it added to the greasiness.

I’m not quite sure how good I’ll be at this blogging thing. We’ll see how much wisdom and insight I can put into my writing to want you all to have the desire to read what I have to write! As interesting as my days at school can be to me…I’m not sure how interesting everyone else finds them! So for my first blog I will write this…

Currently, I really enjoy my job but will not complain when marching band season is over as I will relish in the freedom of my empty weekends. I say that now, but please note that the weekends will fill up quickly because I seem to have this unfortunate ability to make my life a bit more hectic than it needs to be when it comes to taking time to myself or making plans to visit someone else or entertain. Hopefully Seth will keep me grounded when it comes to that! :)

I always feel like there is more to do in our new house. At this point, we have created a mini project in the basement as Seth tore out the carpet last night and now I get to bleach the floor before I put up temporary rugs (which will eventually be replaced by tile). This is all in thanks to a yellow kitty named Sammy that insisted on using the carpet instead of her litter box. Sammy is now enjoying her life as an outside kitty on some lady’s farm where she can do what she wants when she wants…Probably one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in a very long time.

Well since I chose to post my blog while at work, I am now being summoned to do my job. I will now go teach 2 boys something interesting about the alto saxophone. Should be fun!!