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Landscaping: Part Uno y Dos

hedgehogI’ve been looking forward to seeing the new Harry Potter for the last two years, but due to Mike’s homework load we have postponed our viewing of the film until next week.  To bide my time I started a major outdoor task; landscaping.

Wednesday evening my mom and I stopped at Cliff Avenue Greenhouse to pick up some plants.  Since I lack a green thumb, my mom was there to offer opinions with plant selection.  I purchased quite a variety (all low maintenance of course) including three types of day lilies, two types of ornamental grasses, some salvia, a few Woodward Globe Arborvitaes (evergreens), a few Japanese Barberry’s and some filler perennials.  Picking the plants took quite some time so we only got 5 things into the ground that evening.

Tonight my mom and I reconvened and got the entire section along the garage finished.  I still have quite a stretch along the front to do, but the yard already looks more put together.  Landscaping sure does help!

Image: my super cute hedgehog lawn ornament!!  It shall be the only one I have.

~ by sonja on July 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Landscaping: Part Uno y Dos”

  1. i heard mike helped too, or was that some other weeds he got a blister on??

  2. He was working on our lawn. Annoying crab grass…

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