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The Grudge List, cont.

That’s right, continued…

Why?  Because one “Grudge List” page just isn’t enough!  No really; it wouldn’t allow me to add any more text.

  • Dan spread public falsities about Weekend at Bernie’s (8.21.12).
  • Today Dan noticed my sunglasses have bling.  I’ve had them for nearly a year.  He never pays attention to the important details (3.15.12).
  • Dan missed, quite possibly, my most important life achievement to date.  110 beers should not to be taken so lightly.  I mean, you were my flower girl for cripes sake (1.25.12).
  • Dan hasn’t done anything noteworthy for the Grudge List over the last month and now I am getting flack from others for not updating it (10.19.11).
  • “Fancy Dan” showed me his middle fingers (9.21.11).
  • Dan opened my cracker package and then lied about it (9.1.11).
  • Dan did not retrieve me crackers as instructed (8.25.11).
  • Dan stabbed my hand while eating supper.  He may recount this story differently, but he is not to be trusted (7.31.11).
  • Dan took a picture of me while I was sleeping.  Creeper (7.19.11).
  • Dan has essentially refused to pick me up when we go on our hypothetical date (7.14.11).
  • Dan said I’m beautiful… on the inside (7.14.11).
  • Dan sweat all over my cat (7.6.11).
  • Dan has so many grudges I had to make a second page.  Why do you require so much effort from me (7.6.11)?

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  1. July was pretty hilarious. I miss July.

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